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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter means Baby Chicks, Baby Sheeps, Baby Bunnies...

Now imagine a baby Mocha sitting maybe not in but next to an Easter basket. Imagine her wearing a jaunty collar in spring colors. Imagine her looking extremely guilty while surrounded by bits of shells from brightly colored eggs you inadvisedly left within doggie reach. Except you wouldn't do that, because you're clearly a thoughtful owner, so just imagine her looking longingly at the eggs instead.

Imagine how much fun Mocha's going to be when it warms up a little more and you turn on the lawn sprinkler. Imagine how she'll wag her tail when you singsong Mokey, Who's my Mokey girl? Imagine how warm she'll keep your toes if next winter's anything like the one that just vamoosed.

Now go get her.
photo credit: FCAC
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