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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Local Soupage

The 2 hour WSFCS delay put me at simplyummy just before lunch service began. I was tickled to wait a few minutes to get my beloved tomato soup with mini cheddar biscuit (not shown - I scarfed it). Esbette sampled my soup LIBERALLY and agrees it's awesome. She also recommends the tomato florentine soup at West End Cafe, when available, which she says is similarly delicious, with the addition of mini shell pastas. I'm adding it to my mental list of "to try"s.

In other local soup news, I received an Empty Bowls mailer yesterday. Mark your calendars for April 21st and plan to attend this awesome fundraiser for Second Harvest. Advance tickets will be available online beginning March 15th.

West End Cafe
Empty Bowls
Second Harvest Foodbank of Northwest NC
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