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Friday, February 12, 2010

Local Plea

Today is One Of Those Days, wherein my schedule looks like a crazy quilt (my favorite kind, frankly (of quilt, not day)), so bear with me as posting will be very light.

But I had two minutes to check my email, and found this URGENT plea from a reader:

I have a question that I’m sure fellow LiF readers can answer- at least I hope so! I have lived in Winston for several years, since attending Wake, but I have not yet gained the wisdom of a true local. I’m looking for any and all local legends/superstitions/old wives’ tales about how to get labor started. I’m 39 weeks pregnant and ready for my little girl to be born- I’m walking and eating spicy foods, but surely there is a local solution! For example, a friend from Atlanta swears there is a restaurant in town where an expectant mother can order chicken parmesan and be assured of having her baby in the next day or two. Maybe a Dewey’s cupcake or special Blue Ridge ice cream flavor can perform the same magic?

Having gone completely nuts* at the end of my pregnancy with the youngest, my sympathies went out to her, and I decided to smoosh two schedule quilt pieces even further together and take two minutes to post it ASAP.

I'm ever so hopeful y'all can help her.


* When I couldn't sleep, I started cutting out long chains of paper dolls of pregnant women in profile, each joined to the next by her popped out navel on one side and the elbow of the arm attached to her hand clutching her lower back on the other side. I made HUNDREDS of these chains, now thankfully lost to time forever.
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