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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I wept

Full-on wept. Great, heaving sobs, my feverish body wracked to and fro. The day before, I had skittered into the first grade cloakroom and vomited ignominiously into my cubby. Now I was home, my mother letting me sip on flat ginger ale and ring the little brass bell shaped like a lady if I needed her, both perks of sickness in our house.

(But I don't remember ever needing to ring the bell. In my mind's eye, my mother is perpetually there, smiling, a cool, damp washcloth for my forehead in her hand, a tall stack of books for her to read to me on my bedside table.)

But back to my weeping -

On the side of my sickbed, my mother sat stunned, unable to comprehend how her favorite childhood book, which she was reading aloud with great expression, had turned into my torment. And then suddenly, seeing how I clutched my beloved snowy owl, she understood.

"Oh, no, no, no!" I can still see her face, horrified at my misunderstanding. "We're not burning your toys!"

I rubbed my snowy owl's great furry wings against my cheek for what seemed like hours, until I dozed off and woke to find her, as always, standing beside my bed, a clean nightgown for me in hand.

"I'm all sweaty," I whispered.

"Your fever broke," came her whisper back.


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