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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Day 47 of Captivity...

I'm beginning to feel slightly like a prisoner.

I just canceled the youngest's physical and occupational therapy for this morning. Our sloping street is still solid ice. I'm sure if I could make it to the main road, we'd be fine, but in truth, it was beyond scary getting to the main roads yesterday morning, and frankly while I'm perfectly willing to risk my own neck, I'm disinclined to risk his*.

The buses for not one but two schools stop directly in front of my house. I cannot see how a school bus can safely navigate this road before a plow, of which we've not seen hide nor hair.

Will there be school Wednesday? If so, with a delay or without? If not, at what time do we think they'll call it?

How do the secondary roads look elsewhere?

*It's certainly not helping that I keep hearing what sound like fleets of emergency responder sirens. I of course assume each and every one is going to a car-ice accident scene.
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