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Thursday, February 18, 2010

C: Come on Over, A: Alone...

I learned to canoe at summer camp, of course. On the upper lake, I was instructed to carry a canoe upside down, to paddle gently through the still water like an Indian princess (I was a member of the Cherokees), and to always wear one of the camp life jackets which smelt faintly of moss.

The last day of camp, we had competitions between the four camp tribes, and each summer I represented the Cherokees in at least one canoeing relay race, often made absurd by the addition of an element --- canoe half-submerged, paddlers sit backward, paddlers standing. During these events, I put the Cherokee princess aside and became a Cherokee warrior, moving my paddle with long, powerful strokes, paddling for tribal glory.


The Carolina Canoe Club, with more than 700 individuals and family memberships, is always looking for new club members and paddling partners.

River trips are the life-blood of the Carolina Canoe Club. They are scheduled for practically every weekend, year-round and run whether there is rain, snow or sunshine. (However, they do not run if there is a lack of water!) The Club also organizes extended weekend trips at Easter and Labor Day, as well as a 10-day paddling/camping experience, "Week of Rivers," at 4th of July. Most trips are for Novice and Intermediate skill levels.

The Club has significantly increased its role in education. Instruction is offered for all skill levels from beginner to advanced. There also are weekly rolling sessions. The CCC also conducts rescue and safety classes including Basic Rescue and Swiftwater Rescue. In addition, the Club offers ACA Instructor and Swiftwater Rescue Instructor classes on an "as needed" basis.

Carolina Canoe Club
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