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Monday, February 08, 2010

The Buena Vista Garden, by Yarddawg

What Are You Reading?

I hear many stories from various people about the latest novel by some author I’ve never heard of or about a subject I’m not aware of. Admittedly my reading habits need improvement. I’ve lapsed into an old habit of reading in spurts. I tend to read voraciously for a couple or three weeks and then read nothing for months. At the moment though I’m too distracted to be remotely interested or bothered by the latest IN author or HOT topic because shortly after Christmas plant and seed catalogs started arriving in the mailbox. My inner plant geek has been re- awakened. Our recent frigid spell has allowed me to read, plan, and pray for spring. My all-time favorite catalog is, the always free, always irreverent and entertaining, and North Carolina’s own, spring 2010 Plant Delights Nursery. Read on-line, call, or e-mail these folks and get one for yourself.

Other free favorites are Wayside Gardens and Park Seed from South Carolina. The Thompson-Morgan Seed Catalog is always interesting and exotic and Burpee Seeds and Plants is always reliable. These folks will also send a free paper copy if you are interested. If anyone has further plant catalog suggestions I certainly would like to hear about them.

Oh, by the way, I will be reading two more Cormac McCarthy novels soon. First up will be the modern western, “All the Pretty Horses”. After that, the dark and apocalyptic “The Road” will be on tap. I recently finished reading Mr. McCarthy’s, not at all light hearted, “No Country for Old Men”. To catch a glimpse of the “war” taking place along our southern borders this is an interesting read. Murder, mayhem, drugs, money, greed, weird, chilling, and that frightening captive bolt pistol about sums that book up for me. Good read with plain, countrified no-frills southwest Texas language.
- Yarddawg
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