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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Seriously, go look

After my early morning foray to PrimeCare, my day consisted of lying alternately in my bed or on the loveseat in the den. Neither location was ideal; in bed I battled the cat, who seemed to feel I existed merely to serve as some sort of blanketed perch, and while attempting to drowse on the loveseat, I watched Pep jog past the doorway several times with various non-edible items in her mouth including at one point the smoke detector that normally hangs in the hallway a good seven feet up.

I tried once to use my new laptop as a distraction, but I found myself staring dazed at a bunny available for adoption at the Forsyth County Shelter, sure my Magic Mouthwash had been accidentally prepared with a little sumpin-sumpin of the highly narcotic variety, because SWEET FANCY MOSES, THAT EYE CANNOT BELONG TO THAT ANIMAL.

Anyway, I'm still ever so hopeful I'll wake up fully restored tomorrow.
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