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Monday, January 11, 2010

Ryhmes with Poupon

My friend Atchafala sent me the image at right to show me the extent of her problem. "I'm addicted!" she wrote underneath.

And I giggled, because Atch always goes at things wholehog, loving whatever she loves 150% and sharing her excitement with all those around.

I used to coupon, though not quite as obsessively. When my mother was dying, I spent Saturday evenings after the children had gone to sleep organizing for the following day's shopping. I kept my coupons in order of aisle, clipped together neatly with colored paperclips. Reds for breads, pinks for drinks. It was an escape mechanism for me, something to keep my mind from traveling to my mother's bedside where every tick of the clock was painful.

When she died, I stopped. Not just coupons but life. Stopped. At some point I began doing the grocery shopping again, though I cannot remember when or why. But I did, and I do, and sometimes now I have a few coupons, and I always have my Fresh Rewards card -- it's on my keychain. But it's nothing, nothing, like I used to have, and it's certainly nothing approaching Atchafala, hilarious Atchafala, who texts me now to say, "Crazy coupon lady here!"

On Monday, February 1st from noon until 2 PM in the Central Library Auditorium, couponing expert extraordinaire Dawn Larkins will provide insight and tips on how to save some serious money through the use of coupons on your next shopping trip.

Learn how and when to search for coupons, where to find them and how to get the most bang for each coupon.

If you’re interested in lowering your overall shopping bill, and having fun in the process, this is one program you will not want to miss.

Central Library
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