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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Outside Cookie's Shabbytiques

I had a much simpler dollhouse growing up. It had four rooms and the exterior was plain, unpainted wood. My father made it for me in his workshop, which was a large, cold room in the basement under the garage.

Sometimes when my father was out of the country for too long, and my mother was ironing or folding in the adjoining laundry room, I'd open the door to the workshop and just smell the air, chilly and redolent of sawdust and gasoline for the mower. I wouldn't go near that place alone if my mother wasn't one room away, though, and now, as an adult, I cannot remember why. Something about that room, I guess.

edit, Friday afternoon: I remembered. Spiders. Not that I actually ever saw them that I can remember. It just seemed like there would be spiders in that room. Dusty, high-ceilinged... a perfect spider habitat.
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