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Monday, January 18, 2010

Once again, put your hands together for...

Madhouse Recap, with KT!

Week #2 of the History Channel series "Madhouse" is in the books. If you don't know what I'm talking about it is a tv show which follows the lives of 5 racers in the Modified Division at Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston-Salem. In case you missed last week's review, here's where we left off....Junior Miller is old as dirt and is known as "The King" at BGS. Burt Myers is my favorite driver and is Junior Miller's arch nemesis. Jason Myers is Burt's kid brother, also a nemesis to Junior Miller. There is Tim Brown, "The Rocket," who has won 8 championships at BGS by avoiding controversy and basically being boring. Finally, we have Chris Flemming. He is a local yokel who loves racing, has no race team or money to support his habit, but still shows up every week.

So...week 2 featured yours truly. I was able to find myself in one of the many shots of the crowds at the track. Now, unless you know precisely where I sit you would never find me because I was nestled in between about 200 people. However, if you want to slow down your DVR and "Where's Waldo" me, I'm the girl wearing the tuxedo t-shirt at about 53 minutes in. Yes, you heard me...tuxedo t-shirt....it's a Burt Myers shirt that looks like a tux and says "Race Fan #1 Burt Myers" on the back. You can spot a Burt Myers fan, we're classy (see picture).

This week's episode focused on Junior Miller's humiliating wreck from week one in which he collided into the back of Tim Brown's #83 car on the parade lap (the lap BEFORE lap #1) thus damaging his car and not being able to run the race. Junior claims that his foot slipped on the gas. Likely story, old man. We saw Junior going to the doctor to get his eyes checked because of his stupidity in race 1. Good thinking Geico, may want to make sure he can see before he drives a car 80mph around a quarter mile track. I don't know what was more disturbing, the fact that Junior Miller is so old that you can actually hear him thinking before he speaks or that his 50-55 year old male physician was wearing an earring. Just cause Harrison Ford sports an earring doesn't mean it's cool if everyone does it. Junior may want to look at some out-of-network doctors next time.

We also got to see Junior explaining himself on Bad Brad's radio show, telling fans that he'd be back and not to worry. The lead in Bad Brad gave to introduce Junior was, "I've got with me now Junior Miller, the most feared guy in racing." Pan over to Junior Miller who is wearing a button up polo shirt with swordfish all over it. Cause I'm scared of the guy who talks like he's had a stroke and is wearing a fish shirt? Come on. Puh-lease.

Chris Flemming had issues with the shocks on his car and informed the audience that despite his second place finish in week one, he'd need new shocks to have any chance of winning. New shocks can cost almost $1500, money Chris Flemming doesn't have because he has "to keep food on the table." I could have played a drinking game requiring me to take a shot each time he said that he can't afford something because he has "to keep food on the table." We get it. You don't have sponsors, no team, no help, no money. Despite his tear-jerking interviews, I like the guy. He's hard working and his family seems to really support him. Unfortunately they'll be eating Ramen Noodles for the next 6 months because we saw Chris buying $500 shocks for his car this week.

Week 2 followed Burt Myers attempting to fix a broken axle on his car, a setback that put him out of the race in week one. It is really interesting to see what goes on for all these drivers in the 6 days they have to get ready for the next week's race. They are rushing parts in, trying to gets dents and dings banged out and figuring out what went wrong the race before. Jason and Burt took some zings at Junior's bump up saying that he should get out of racing and that he's too old. I'm really hoping the show will focus more of Jason in the weeks to come. Not that I don't like me some Burt, I just want to hear some more of Jason's thoughts as well. During the shots at the Myers' garage I did get my SECOND favorite Madhouse quote of the week. Frank Myers, uncle to Jason and Burt, told Burt, "Shut yo' nasty mouth." Love it. Uncle Frank said this while looking like Kenny Rogers and dangling a smoke from his lips. Like I said, Myers fans are classy.

I have determined that Tim Brown thinks a lot of himself and isn't real nice to his wife, telling her, "All these women are here, why am I cooking?" Are you kidding me? You're grilling hamburgers not making veal picatta. Tim is quite the perfectionist in his shop and proceeds to fuss and complain all the time. I'm not really liking him too much.

Week 2 racing featured the Madhouse Scramble.... two 25 lap races for the drivers. In the first race drivers are started by qualifying times. In the second race, the winners of the 1st race and flipped to the back and the losers are put in the front......thus, opening the door for Junior Miller to win the second race since he finished dead last in the first race. Lee Jefferies won race one and Burt, Jason and Chris were all further back in the pack.

The show is still exciting as ever and I love all the shots of Winston shown in between segments.

And finally, here it is, the Madhouse quote of the week is by Chris Flemming,
"Tim Brown may find that the sun don't shine on the same dog's butt twice."

If anyone can translate that into English for me please let me know.

Until next week....
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