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Friday, January 08, 2010


This was sent to me by not one but two LiF peeps: DK, who was one of the first readers, and CC, who is new to LiF but describes herself fabulously as "a locavore". They both thought this was blogworthy; I completely agree.

Coming soon from Camino Bakery, a bread subscription service!

Get 2 beautiful loaves of bread delivered fresh from our oven to your door once a week. You will receive one loaf of white and one loaf of whole wheat or multigrain. The weekly price of $10 includes tax and delivery.

There are some delivery area caveats, of course, but perhaps those beyond delivery area can work out a pickup sched at the Werehouse?

For the record, the Camino Bakery peanut butter cookies are the largest peanut butter cookies I've ever seen. They are a solid choice, and yes, they have the fork imprint of goodness. Try one at Krankies, just above Camino in the Werehouse. You know, when you're there to pick up your weekly bread.

Camino Bakery

Krankies Coffee
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