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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thumbing 2 pages ahead in my calendar

My overnight miracle didn't happen. I'm still coughing like it's my job, and my voice is that of someone's granny on the verge of tears. I'm not giving up yet - it hasn't even been 24 hours of antibiotics - but I REALLY REALLY need to be well by this weekend. I have plans! Exciting plans! Plans that require vast amounts of energy and effort!

I tell you what, though, if I am not full of vim and vigor come this weekend, I am going to console myself by sinking back into a seat at a/perture and watching this.

A Serious Man is playing Friday at 3:40 PM and 8:20 PM, Saturday at 12:40 PM, 5:20 PM, and 10:00 PM, and Sunday at 3 PM. (It also plays next Monday through Thursday, if you have a busy weekend planned.)

There are two other excellent films showing in addition, including Almodóvar's latest.

a/perture cinema, locally owned and operated
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