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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Local Guest Post

Remember this post?

Local Groomer Update, by Esbette

Grooming update!

After perusing the recommendations of the great readers of LiF we made a few calls and decided to make an appointment for the dogs at Groomingdales, on Country Club Road. I have lived here for more than half of my life, and had passed this establishment more times than I can count, but since I didn’t have Dexter until I went to grad school, there was never a need for a groomer. All I have to say is… THANK YOU to whomever it was that recommended them!

Dexter enjoys his “free-spirited” trampy look, so he only needed a bath and his nails trimmed (a task that after countless tries, I have determined I CANNOT do on my own.) Background on Dexter for those who do not keep up with his blog- Dex is a serious mama’s boy, has some anxiety issues, and can be a spaz. With that said, and I warned them when I dropped him off that he may not be a willing participant, but when I picked them up his nails were trimmed, he was clean, and somehow they even got him to sport a bandana. I hardly recognized my own dog and his complacency! Kudos Groomingdales!

As for Lady, she was in for the works: bath, nails trimmed and de-teddy bearing. As you can see from the photos they did a wonderful job. She is a pure-bred cocker, but we had no need for an actual cocker cut. She now has a new outlook on life! The cut makes her look like a puppy again and with the loss of all the fur she has the energy to keep up with Dexter’s shenanigans! (We probably shouldn’t credit that all to a haircut, but Groomingdales did such a good job I am happy to give it to them.)

They completed the job quickly, calling me a full hour before I was originally told they would be done and the price was beyond reasonable. I can guarantee that next time Dexter needs his nails trimmed and Lady decides she wants to look like a dog and not Fozzie Bear, we will be taking them back to the nice people at Groomingdales!

Contact info for Groomindales:

Website- http://groomingdalesacutabove.com/ (no info except for phone number)

3910 Country Club Rd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27104
(336) 768-3645

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