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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Local Go See

I visited the Wake Forest University Museum of Anthropology last week to see Only Skin Deep? Tattooing in World Cultures, which opened January 5th.

Disclosure: I am squeem-city if I think too hard about needles, piercings, etc.; it makes me feel wretched.

That said, it's an excellent and truly interesting exhibit, and while it has tattooing instruments in it, I didn't once feel like fainting or throwing up. Go, me!

The exhibit traces a brief history of tattoo styles, implements, and meanings in various societies and locations around the globe, including native cultures of the US, and ends with tattoos of Wake Forest community members.

There is a warning posted at the exhibit entrance; Warning: Some might find images in Only Skin Deep? startling or consider them inappropriate for young children. Visitor discretion is advised.

Honestly, maybe it's from growing up with a household subscription to National Geographic, but I didn't see anything I personally found troubling for either of mine to see, and believe you me, I looked for it.

Admission to The Museum of Anthropology is FREE, donations accepted. NOTE: Museum is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Only Skin Deep? overview
WFU Museum of Anthropology
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