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Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy coming-up-birthday to MEEEE!

February marks my birthday. I'll be 39, and as everyone who was properly raised knows, the traditional, Southern gift for the 39th birthday is a billboard design.

Accordingly what I really, really want is for you to come up with daddy mack, awesome entries for the local census billboard contest. The deadline, of course, is my birthday. Why is the deadline February 7th, you ask? BECAUSE FATE WANTS YOU TO DESIGN A BILLBOARD FOR ME. Obviously.

(Seriously, people, I am so proud of the creativity of the LiF readers. You're superstars; I know one of you can win this thing.)

To that end, I'm offering birthday party favors. Simply note on your entry that you are a LiF reader, and you will receive not one but two swag items just for entering. The first is a census boomerang, because hi, a boomerang? Automatically fantastic. And a civic boomerang? Gah, words fail.

The second is your very own shell station sticker just like mine, shown at right stuck on my new computer along with my Dixie Classic love sticker. Also shown: Raj. (Hi, Raj!)

I had these made special, and they feature my original photo that's at the top of this blog. Why do they not say "Life in Forsyth", you ask? Because that would be like those shirts with the maker's name across the front in huge letters, which is to say A BIG OLD TACKY ADVERTISEMENT instead of a fun and fetching celebration of Winston-Salem historical kitsch.

So please say Happy 39th to me in the traditional, Southern way. I'd love nothing more than to share a sticker and a boomerang with you.

complete rules and entry form
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