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Friday, January 15, 2010

First Contest in The! Year! Twenty! Ten!

Have y'all heard about Creative Transitions, the local business that helps people downsize? No?

Here's one of the articles about them. (There was another article in the Winston-Salem Journal, I do believe, but I'll be bedazzled if I can find it.)

Anyhow, Creative Transitions puts together sales, one of which is tomorrow and Sunday, and frankly, looking at the photos, I hope one of you decides to attend and buy me this. Or this. But especially this.

But almost better than the samples of the items offered is Creative Transitions' three sentence description of the current owner of these items:

She was the child of people who liked nice things. She was a journalist, enjoyed music, held salons on Tuesdays so that a mixture of people could discuss ideas, loved to cook and entertain. Her clothing and shoes came from Montaldo’s.

LOVE. IT. And the title of the whole sale? "Property of a Gentlewoman." Gah. I want to run away to Vegas with that title.

Your mission:

Write a three sentence description of yourself that paints you as someone with wildly interesting stuff. Bonus points for local references like "Montaldo's".

You must title your entry "Property of a ____________", using a one-word descriptor in place of the blank.

  • PLEASE EMAIL YOUR ENTRY TO ME. I will post it below.
  • Entries must be received by 5 pm EST, January 22nd, 2010.
  • Entries deemed as inappropriate by yours truly will be ineligible.
  • Refrain from being profane. (Especially when the rain falls on the plain. In Spain.)
  • Winner will be determined by an independent judge or judging panel, whose decision is final.
  • You are solely responsible for any damages arising from your entry, as well as any tax concerns should you win.
  • Prize will be shipped to residents of the Continental US only. Those living elsewhere are more than welcome to enter but should have someone in mind within the Continental US to receive the prize.
The winner shall receive this gorgeous set of recycled map stationary, also shown at top right, by local etsy superstar dote. The winner shall also receive the satisfaction of knowing that the proceeds from the sale of this prize are going to Doctors Without Borders to aid their Haiti Earthquake Response.

photo credit: dote


Property of a Locavore

She was a loud, impulsive, and spontaneous type who often drove her husband mad with her every changing passions. She loved Krankies coffee with a passion, raised her children on Camino Bakery cookies, with a firm belief that her children were the wildest, most special, most wonderful things ever invented. She loved things passionately, believed in absurd things such as hope and change, and held fast a firm conviction that home is where you make it, and she did just that.

Property of a Womanchild

She was a connoisseur of all things Dr. Suess, her bookshelves lined with Green Eggs and Ham, Cats in Hats, Foxes Wearing Soxes and Horton Hearing a Who. Her closet was filled with numerous pairs of Mizunos that carried her down roads and through woods filled with adventure in her pursuit of fitness. She was a lover of whimsy, things that made her feel sunny and most especially, flip flops.

Property of a Goldengirl

A transplant from the West Coast, she transitioned from tofu to barbecue, and, at times, barbecued tofu, which she doused in Texas Pete for good measure. She stored pharmaceutical pens from the Baptist in Dewey's cookie tubes and could never seem to collect too many of either. She loved all things pastel, including Necco wafers, faded quilts, kittens' noses, and cherry blossoms on Runnymeade in the Springtime.


Property of a Topophile

The daughter of a NYC-turned-Winston-Salem socialite, she inherited lovely things such as fur stoles (too stunning not to be politically correct), hand-thrown pottery, and unique holiday decorations. Her city was one of her dearest friends, therefore her home is filled with things that she loves from Winston-Salem’s past and present, and can be described as historical whimsy. Her Saturdays were filled visiting yard sales, auctions, and thrift shops where she added her newly-found treasures to her copious possessions.

Property of a Collector

Born at the tail end of WWII to parents who came of age during the Depression, he quickly learned to keep everything in case it came in handy one day, and so he amassed his vintage soda bottle collection, his vintage record collection, and his vintage airplane travel freebies collection. As a grown man, his work took him all over the world, and he returned from these trips with his suitcases full of bric-a-brac, now also vintage. After retirement, he decided to visit all lower forty-eight states in a caravan, the only thing he never having been interested in collecting being dust.

Property of a Repeat

Her childhood centered around the immense love and hate of three brothers, creeks filled with creatures of the upmost enchanting nature, Royal oatmeal cakes and RC cola for snack during break in the tobacco fields with never-ending rows, the love of two parents who dearly loved each other and best friends of the four-legged kind. As time went on she began the road to womanhood leaving the rocks of the creek unturned, preferring painted nails rather than red dirt stained ones and yearned for the city. Years passed, babies were born, best friends found permanent homes in the shade of a weeping willow tree, she found her way back home to the love of adoring parents, new best friends in her brothers, and a renewed enchantment in the magical creeks of her childhood with her two sons.

Property of a Localoisseur

Winston-Salem born, Winston-Salem raised, she held true to her roots with craving-inspired runs to Krispy Kreme, PB’s hotdogs and TJ’s Deli. She longed for snowy winters perfect for fireside movies and a glass of fine red wine made of Yadkinville grapes. She cheered loudly and with passion for her favorite sports teams, and loved her friends and family with the same passion.
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