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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Feeling Dixie-ish

Meet Dixie. Dixie looks like she's feeling a little overtaxed by her current circumstances (which have led her here).

But GOOD NEWS! Dixie's super awesomeness is allowing her to look amazing even in that horrid fluorescent lighting.

I feel similarly but sadly lack the ability to thwart unflattering lighting.

But GOOD NEWS! I finally have contest results for the Local Property contest!

Sadly the original judge became unavailable.

But GOOD NEWS! A capable replacement stepped in!

Let me introduce her...

Maegan Beard (shown at right) is the creative force behind dote, maker of this contest's prize. Her self-description, a la the contest entries:

Young hippie professional in disguise. Marketing exec by day, naturalist artist by night. Excellent with chop sticks, annoyed by improper use of drinking glasses, partial to a particular type of scissor, collector of thrifted fabrics, and companion of a dog with a considerably large vocabulary.

Maegan looked over the entries and decided that while all were outstanding, the bolded turn of phrase pushed this one into windom:

Property of a Topophile

The daughter of a NYC-turned-Winston-Salem socialite, she inherited lovely things such as fur stoles (too stunning not to be politically correct), hand-thrown pottery, and unique holiday decorations. Her city was one of her dearest friends, therefore her home is filled with things that she loves from Winston-Salem’s past and present, and can be described as historical whimsy. Her Saturdays were filled visiting yard sales, auctions, and thrift shops where she added her newly-found treasures to her copious possessions.

That means that SueMo will be enjoying the Doctors Without Borders recycled map stationary! Congratulations, SueMo! Please email me with your best mailing address.

I'll fill you in on another contest tomorrow, everyone. Think creative. Think local. Think BIG.

photo credits: top: FCAC, bottom: Maegan Beard
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