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Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Buena Vista Garden, by Yarddawg

I saw murder in progress recently right before my eyes. It occurred in broad daylight on Robinhood Road in Winston-Salem on Monday, January 4, 2010 at approximately 11:20 AM. In case the authorities contact me as an eyewitness to first degree Crape Murder, here’s the evidence:

photo credit: Yarddawg

I know, I know, I wrote about this last year, and I’m going to write about it again this year, and probably next year too if Miss Esbee is agreeable (Esbee note: bribery with sweets works). I am appealing to someone, anyone, just one person to resist these landscapers imposters, and just say no. If just one Life In Forsyth reader resists this urge in 2010, I’ll consider the effort successful. Just one ya’ll. You be the one. Please.

There is basically no horticultural benefit to pruning, much less maiming, a Crape Myrtle. OK, there is one double, super secret, cross-my-heart-hope-to-die, reason for this practice so let me share it with you. The landscapers imposters need the money. That, and deer hunting season is now over. That’s it. That’s all. Most have been inactive since the October 2009 fall lawn seeding season. Now, with bills to pay and no cash flow, they’re back peddling the need to anyone who’ll listen about the need to whack back. Now you know the secret. Impressive huh?

In all honesty, there are many good, top notch professional landscaping firms locally that know better but this annual, ritualistic pruning practice is now so prevalent that many homeowners feel left out if they don’t follow along. There are many “firms” out there more than happy to oblige in the carnage. Many homeowners also need or want a 10’ or 15’ foot tree but have a 25’ Crape instead. What to do?

Put the right tree in that spot. Thanks to some good plant breeding over the last several years, there are multitudes of Crape Myrtle’s now available ranging from 3’ tall all the way up to 50’ tall. Click here to see the options now available. Just be sure to remember that Crape Myrtle needs to be located in full sun to properly thrive and flower.

Look, we’re in the dead of winter. Chill out. The plants are hibernating, and you should too. It’s too cold for me to do anything meaningful in the garden. Tell that to your landscaper also. One shady character showed up at my house last week and suggested -- no, insisted -- that I really, really needed to cut my lone Crape Myrtle waaaay back. And now, before it’s too late. I politely told him no thanks but should have told him to do something that's unprintable here in Miss Esbee’s blog. (She would put me in time out. Also my mama might read it too.) (Esbee note: thank you kindly for refraining.)

So just chill, folks.

And oh, by the way, Happy Twenty Ten to all.
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