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Monday, August 31, 2009

REMINDER: September 8th

Meet the authors of Wicked Kernersville!

And the winner is...

(of this contest)

First, let me introduce you to your esteemed judge. Originally from Charlotte, Becky Ginn wraps herself, her three daughters, and indeed, the world, in all things pink. (No comment from the sole household male, her husband.)

She's a huge fan of local shop Gazoodles, has "mad Wii bowling skills", and when at Dewey's orders pink lemonade squares, natch.

Becky and her eldest daughter perused the entries and decided the following:

Second runner-up: Sarah from 1924 Cottage with her lovely garden vista

First runner-up: RLR's shot outside the Downtown Elementary School

And the winner of the Target giftcard is...

Megan Garner!

Her lovely contrast between winter and spring captured the judge's pink-loving heart. Congratulations, Megan! Email me, and we'll arrange delivery.

Everyone else, a new contest launches Friday.

Because it's Monday, it's raining, and I have one home sick

Here. Enjoy some classical music while I completely rearrange and winnow my schedule for the week.

Local tittle-tattle says absences (and send homes) due to "flu-like" symptoms are ramping up already.

Local Retail News

This place is now open on Hanes Mall Boulevard, where it will remain through November 1st, on which date everything will be 50% off.

I went by yesterday morning to peruse, though I didn't buy anything. Don't look for us to become a destination house or any such, but I will be making a big to-do of Halloween this year. This is to make up for last year when we cruelly made the youngest miss trick-or-treating in our neighborhood by taking the boys to Walt Disney World at Fall Break. (I knew it was his absolutest favoritest holiday, but I incorrectly assumed Disney trumped for the youngest the same way it does for the oldest. It doesn't. Duly noted.)

ATTN: Middle School and High School Thespians

The BOOKMARKS Festival of Books and Forsyth County Public Library are looking for volunteer readers/actors for Waiting for Zora: A Reader's Theatre, in conjunction with this year's On the Same Page/Big Read community read title Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God . This original Reader's Theatre production will debut at BOOKMARKS Festival of Books on September 12, 2009 in The Arts District of Downtown Winston-Salem. Three additional performances at library branches will follow in coming months.

We are looking for at least seven actors to fill the following roles: Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes, Josephine Baker, Jackie Robinson, Billie Holliday, Madam CJ Walker, and Rosa Parks.

Actors should be in grades 7 – 12. The script is short, running around 15 minutes total. Volunteer credit will be given for rehearsals and performances. Actors need to be available on Thursday, September 10 at 5 PM for a short rehearsal at the Walkertown Library. The first performance will be at BOOKMARKS Festival of Books at 2:00 on Saturday, September 12. Dates and locations for the other three performances will be announced, and actors are encouraged to participate as their schedules allow.

For more information and/or to sign-up, email
Carole Bonnel or Nastasha Johnson.

BOOKMARKS 2009 Festival of Books

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Local Sign

spotted on the lobster tank @ Lowes Foods


forgot to invite me to dinner.

This Thursday

Band Aid For Burn Victims is a long-running project of the Winston-Salem Jaycees, in support of the Jaycee Burn Center in Chapel Hill, NC. The Jaycees bring the community together to support a worthy cause and rock out at the same time. Local bands donate their time and talent, local businesses donate monetary support to become sponsors, and many volunteers donate many hours to put the entire event together. Enjoy beer specials at the Garage during the concert. This year's bands include Jamie Carroll, Mediocre Bad Guys, and the Beaumont Brothers.

The Winston-Salem Jaycees
The Jaycee Burn Center
The Garage
Jamie Carroll
Mediocre Bad Guys
The Beaumont Brothers

Saturday, August 29, 2009

4 days down, 176 to go

The youngest is lying on the loveseat in the den. He agreed to eat some bacon, and he's doing so slowly in between moist coughs. Having new classmates equals making new friends, but it also equals enjoying new germs.

It's just some sort of coughy virus some other classmate has, I'm sure. Or rather, I think; I haven't actually seen his classmates, as the new teacher stands outside the classroom door and greets each student then directs the child to his or her desk, deftly separating the child from parents with no drama but with complete authority. It's terribly easy on everyone.

And so day before yesterday, the oldest and the youngest and I stood a few steps down the incredibly noisy hall saying our goodbyes at the place where the oldest turns away to go downstairs to his classroom. As always, the oldest turned around one last time before leaving us and signed, "I love you." I signed back, "Thank you, and I love you," while beside me the youngest signed, "I love you," while sort of sing-saying the same.

And as the oldest disappeared into the stairwell, a disdainful voice behind me said, "Oh, God. You're not going to be doing that thing with your hands again this year, are you?"

That thing with your hands. If your stomach just fell, good. So did mine at the time.

I turned to see a woman I don't actually know, whose child I couldn't point out though I know he was a kindergartner in a different class last year. All last year she studiously avoided any friendly smile of recognition I gave if I passed her in the hall.

And I looked at her in shock and said, "My son is hearing impaired." A wave of horror and shame swept over her face, and she said, "Oh, no. I did not know that. I am so sorry."

And the awkwardness of that moment was almost crushing. Every bit of my Southern upbringing, with its emphasis on graciousness and hospitality, has taught me that in those moments I should smile and say, "Oh, it's OK," or some such, to put the other person at ease. But you know what? It's really not OK.

And so I just looked at her without speaking for what seemed like an hour but was probably seven seconds. Then I turned away and walked the youngest the few remaining feet to his classroom, to his smiling teacher, to a swim in the new germpool.

Friday, August 28, 2009

This Dog Aspires to Drive Me Mad

Or: This Is What Today Has Looked Like

I could tell you the whole, long day, or I could just tell you that it began this morning when I forgot to put actual coffee in the coffee maker and then was utterly bamboozled when I ended up with hot water. My brain just kept going DOES NOT COMPUTE DOES NOT COMPUTE. It took me a good two minutes to understand what had happened. I spent the remainder of the day two steps behind and utterly daft.

PS: Today was packed chockablock with meetings and appointments. Alternate Title #2: Not a Good Day For It.

Local Condiment

Texas Pete: not necessarily a staple on restaurant tables in other cities.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Au Pied du Mont

Sadly, this reads as if the entity mentioned is in Asheville, but local denizens know Foothills is a Winston company.

Foothills Brewing, local beermakers extraordinaires

Jiffy Lube, Peace Haven & Robinhood

The youngest is impressed by the candy selection in the waiting room. (I still don't understand why NC automobile inspection and registration end dates aren't synchronized, but whatever.)

Jiffy Lube #953


Corn salsa and Cuban pork and black bean soup with cilantro lime sour cream

re: Rana Loca

Hit and miss. That soup was heaven. The corn salsa, alas, was pretty flavorless. We had rice pudding for dessert, and while the rice was much too al dente for my liking, the flavor was fantastic, the best rice pudding I've ever tasted, in fact.

I'll definitely go back, because the hits were super hits (that pudding, sincerely, like a cookie), and the misses weren't awful, just meh.

And they have a chocolate Tres Leches cake, and I feel that warrants closer investigation.

Also I wish the parking spaces were set diagonally

I wish the interior of the Reynolda Library matched the exterior retro fabulousness.

Reynolda Branch

Goodness Gracious

What all is being done to Polo Park, does anyone know? There doesn't seem to be a surfeit of information on the city website.

Department of Parks & Recreation


I was awoken at 5:40 this morning by the spinning red lights and the melodic sounds of the garbage truck. It's fine, though, because I'm beyond excited - my friend C.Z. and I are meeting for lunch today at Rana Loca. I've not eaten there yet, even though I've been drooling over it for ages.

Anyone have any recs? Dishes to avoid? I'm trying to preplan, but the lunch menu at least is a wreck to try to read online. Or maybe I just need glasses.

Rana Loca

ALSO: You have thirty-four and a half hours to enter the Local Pink contest.

(I have tons of entries that need to be posted, but last weekend my computer arbitrarily decided not to allow right-clicking in email, for what reason I know not, so I haven't yet. But no worries, because my husband is genius and will engage in battle most fierce with said computer tonight. AND WIN.)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ATTN: Local Amateur Photographers

The Dixie Classic Fair has announced an "Amateur Photography Partnership" with Visit Winston-Salem, the city's destination marketing organization. Each year amateur photographers submit their photos to the fair to be judged by categories such as people, landscapes, architecture and animals. During the fair ribbons are awarded to the winners. This year selected photos will be featured in the 2010 Official Winston-Salem Visitors Guide and will be posted on the Visit Winston-Salem Web site.

Visit Winston-Salem produces 125,000 copies of the official Visitor and Relocation Guide annually. Profiles of winners will be included in the guide, along with winning photos. Photo subjects include any of Forsyth County's area attractions, cityscapes, festivals and special events. Signed model releases are required for any persons easily identified in the shots.

To enter a photo for consideration log on to DCFair.com for instructions on submission. Entries close at midnight of September 1st and photos must be delivered to the Dixie Classic fair by September 30th. Interested amateur shutterbugs should submit photos to the Fair Department T & TT Categories - other, and note the photo is for this contest by including the words
Visit Winston-Salem on their submission.

(Sadly no phonophoto category.)

Visit Winston-Salem
The Dixie Classic Fair

Pomegranate Lemonade Sorbet

This is ridiculously refreshing.

(@ Blue Ridge, of course)

These bags contain happiness

Sorry for the quiet. I'm doing some hefty volunteer time up at school this week, plus I'm having to basically wardrobe myself, since thanks to the cult I'm not one not two but three sizes smaller than I was last fall. Thank goodness shoe size doesn't change.

Meemaw's friend

This is a pawpaw ----->

Pawpaw Festival
Saturday, Aug 29, 2009
10 til noon

The second annual Pawpaw Festival will be held at the Dixie Classic Fairground Farmers Market this Saturday beginning around ten a.m, sponsored by the Forsyth County Extension Service.

Several speakers will be present on everything Pawpaw: planting, care of the trees, historical importance, and cooking with the fruit.

Come enjoy free treats made from pawpaw such as ice cream, bread, cakes, and cookies. There may be a few trees available for sale and there should be plenty of the fresh fruits for tasting.

This will be a family fun learning event for the entire family. Join us to taste and learn about George Washington’s favorite fruit.

Dixie Classic Fairgrounds

Forsyth County Extension Service

Home Sweet Home



So, with lots of slapping and hairpulling, or more like Laila Ali?

August 29th, 10 PM
Finnigan's Wake

Come join us for a night of fun at Finnigan's Wake to support Ovarian Cancer Research. The Fight Like a Girl Fundraiser will feature music by Box Wine on the back patio, with drink specials, an auction, and some small party games to get the crowd involved.

This is an OPEN event, so feel free to invite anyone you like to come out and support a great cause!

I know some of you will find it shocking, but I've never actually been in a physical fracas.

Finnigan's Wake Irish Pub & Kitchen
FW on FB

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

* You'll never guess where

After our traditional, post-first-day ice cream*, we've come to Hathaway Park to rid ourselves of the last remaining vestiges of energy.

I'm betting they're asleep by 8 pm. (I'm giving myself until 8:30.)

*Yes, here.

We're having London Broil tonight

The youngest has decided on a new career he'd like to pursue: ice cream truck tycoon. Only he's scared he might have an accident, so he wants me to drive, and then he'd be the one who actually gave out the ice cream and collected the money. I tell him I might do that, or I might just come up with my own food truck empire called Kabob's Your Uncle, which I find hysterical but he does not.

Anyway, I'm at Lowes Foods, and I'm missing my boys.


Shown are two paintings by one Don Moore of Salisbury, NC, waiting to be hung in the Associated Artists gallery (301 West Fourth) as part of their upcoming Juried Members show, "Self and Other", which opens Thursday night with a reception from 5 pm - 7 pm, open to the public.

Don Moore
Associated Artists

A needle pulling thread

click to enlarge

Class Schedule
Karen Gray Design

The Dessertery

Georgia Peach Rollups
From the heart of the South
comes a mouthwatering delight.
Thin rolled-up pancakes served
with peach compote and topped
with whipped cream and
powdered sugar

I just finished my traditional first day of school breakfast with friends. I barely made a dent in the delicious dish shown above, a poor showing compared to other years.

Midtown Cafe & Dessertery

Monday, August 24, 2009

Local Bulletin Board

St. Baldrick's is the world's largest volunteer-driven fundraising event for childhood cancer research. Thousands of volunteers shave their heads in solidarity of children with cancer, while requesting donations of support from friends and family.

event details
Finnigan's Wake
St. Baldrick's Foundation

"Mommy, I'm worried about guns," the youngest says as I tuck him in.

His forehead is wrinkled with concern.

"What worries you?" I ask, pulling the duvet up under his chin and smoothing it.

"Mommy, when they shoot the gun to start a race, do they sometimes accidentally kill a bird?"


TATER, for 5 points
- word played by the oldest during a game of Scrabble last night


Youngest: If I had eleven eyes, I could see you all the time.
Me: Then I would never be able to surprise you.


Where my Brother and I Will Live in the Future
the oldest
colored pencil, pen, and pencil on paper


Today is the very last day of summer vacation. Tomorrow morning I'll trundle them off to their new classrooms, their new teachers, their friends. I'll miss them.

You're invited

"Homelessness is a situation, not a character trait"

Family Promise Open House & Dedication Ceremony
Thursday, August 27th, 3 PM
325 Hopkins Road, Kernersville

Join us as we dedicate our newly opened day center and celebrate that we can now begin helping homeless families with children transition toward self sufficiency.

Come for our dedication ceremony and ribbon cutting at 4 p.m., or drop in any time between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. to take a tour of our day center and learn what Family Promise is all about.


Family Promise of Forsyth County is a non-profit organization whose mission is to address homelessness in our community—one family at a time.

Family Promise of Forsyth County

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Is it just me...

...or does this dog appear to have a mohawk??? If so, he is quite possibly THE ROCKINGEST DOG EVER.

(And he needs a home, so someone go get him.)

edit to add: sorry if you're having trouble viewing Jake and all the other marvelous animals. I've no idea why, but the Animal Control portion of the county website periodically seems to go partially down. This happens every single day. Without fail.

Anyhow, try again later. Or tomorrow morning.

Forsyth County Animal Control

You know...

I'm going to miss the ice cream truck when summer's over. Something about running to catch a moving vehicle just makes the frozen goodness that much more tasty.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Local Graffiti

deep in the 'hood (Roslyn off Buena Vista)

Note to Seth and Spenc:

You might want to consider uglying up BeeVee with something other than your given names*, unless you're just so proud of your handiwork, gosh darn, you want everyone to know!

*Or, better idea, don't ugly it up at all.

3 Announcements from Edward McKay

click to enlarge

Edward McKay, Used Books & More Since 1975

Friday, August 21, 2009


Remember when I asked for you to vote for Camel City?

Imagine Aretha and her enormous hat and Jill and her kicky boots partying HERE.

@ the Grand

We saw Shorts, which is an enjoyable romp through the nonsensical and patently absurd*. I'm not sure how much of the non-linear plot the youngest understood, but nonetheless both my boys enjoyed it immensely.

* It reminded me a lot of Holes, which is based on a book by the same name. The oldest adored both.

The Grand Theatre

Shorts (opens with sound)
Holes trailer (opens with sound)

Northwest Barber Shop, 3700 Reynolda Road

The oldest and his friend enjoy some manly hunting and car magazines while the youngest gets a before-school haircut.

It's contest time again: THINK PINK

Pink, glorious pink. Color of girldom. Of Barbies. Of Mary Kay salesladies.

There's an entire aisle at Toys R Us that looks like someone poured Pepto Bismal down it, and I involuntarily shudder when I see that aisle. This reaction to pink overload is beginning to spill over to lesser amounts of pink.

Cure me. Show me something local, pink, and wonderful.

Your mission:
Offer up some pink therapy, in the form of a photo (or three) taken here in fabulous Forsyth County. The pink can be any shade. The photo can be of anything.

  • You MAY enter more than one photo.
  • Email me the photo(s), and I will upload it/them to this post so all can enjoy.
  • You MAY submit a previously submitted, non-accoladed photo.
  • Your entry constitutes a one time use grant (two if you garner judge praise). You retain ownership of your work.
  • You are solely responsible for any damages arising from your entry, as well as any tax concerns should you win.
  • Entries deemed as inappropriate by yours truly will not be considered.
  • Do not add a signature or watermark to your photo.
  • Contest entries must be received by 5 pm EST on Friday, August 28th 2009.
An esteemed judge or two will select one winner. Not a consideration: photographic skill. Your entry will be judged solely on that intangible quality we call je ne sais quoi. (That's a fancy way of saying "Whichever wind blows the judge's skirt up.")

A $10 giftcard to Target.

my photo: a precocious maple leaf that launched itself onto my patio table months early