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Monday, December 21, 2009

Shop Local, a last grouping

Numerous alert LiF readers emailed to point out to me that Friday's and today's Shop Local features failed to post. I looked into the matter and would love to tell you it was a Blogger/Google error, but alas, it was my fault.

I am soooo excited for The! Year! Twenty! Ten! that I am apparently already dating items as such. You should probably avoid taking a check from me until after January 1st.

In any event, there being only a few days left before Christmas, Hannukah being over, and Kwanzaa calling for handmade gifts, a fact I gleaned from being called upon to read Santa Kwaz to two kindergarten classes, I am doing one last grouping of Shop Local items, here and now.

1. Woodcraft Construction Kits!

These are very cool for design nuts, engineers, architects, older kids who love Legos or models... anyone.

They come in a variety of models and start at a mere $3.50. The two I've shown are $5.00 (peacock) and $10.00 (Eiffel Tower).

Find them at Designed by Snooze, 535 Trade Street, Winston-Salem.

2. Art Card Games and Sticky Notes!

Give your favorite cubicle prisoner or wannabe artist some inspirational fun!

Art Card Games are $7.50. Sticky Notes are $5.

Find them at Edward McKay, 115 Oakwood Drive, Winston-Salem. (While not truly a solely local business, they are fervent supporters of the local community and local businesses.)

3. Ponytail holders!

These upscale beauties from Ollie Sang will lend culture to your coiffure, hipness to your hair, sass to your style.

Available in a wide range of fabrics, each set of two is $9.99.

Find them at The Museum Store, Reynolda Museum of American Art, Winston-Salem.

4. Zipper Fobs!

Each fob is crafted by hand and completely unique. Find one as individual as the person for whom you're shopping.

$10 apiece.

Find them at the Associated Artists giftshop, 301 W. Fourth, Winston-Salem.

5. The Avo-Saver!

Quite possibly the most perfect gift ever for guacamole fiends, the Avo-Saver allows one to use only half an avocado and store the other half neatly with minimal spoilage.

$4.95 apiece.

Find it at The Golden Apple, 3458 Robinhood, Winston-Salem.


This concludes the 2009 holiday edition of Shop Local. Look for more items in The! Year! Twenty! Ten!
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