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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Grandmother in Swahili

"Sometimes we slept without taking something in our stomach
And one night was like a year for us."

The Nyanya Project was conceived by Mary Martin Niepold, Lecturer in Journalism at Wake Forest University, after she visited Kenya in the summer of 2007. During her three weeks of volunteering at AIDS orphanages, Niepold kept asking: What about the Grandmothers? Who’s helping them? Kenyans repeatedly said, no one, not even the government.

The Nyanya Project strives to help grandmothers keep their orphans loved, fed, clothed, educated, healthy and safe. This model of sustainable economic cooperative is being developed as a prototype that can be replicated in villages throughout Kenya and Tanzania, and, hopefully, throughout Africa.

The Nyanya Project
Mary Martin Niepold
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