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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Female, age 5, pink, red, princess, fairy land, DRESSES SIZE 6

I saw it on the Angel Tree, and I grabbed it along with two other tags.

This evening found me wrapping my Angel Gifts: the sweaters for a little boy, the towels suitable for a set of brothers (plus washcloths, unasked for but I know how boys are).

And the dresses.

One a jumper and turtleneck set, suitable for cold weather. One a short sleeve dress suitable for spring in the Piedmont. These two I folded neatly and placed at the bottom of the box on sheets of tissue, side by side.

I added a fresh sheet of bright pink tissue, then laid the dress-up tutu on top. I folded the tissue over it, so when my angel opens the box and lifts the tissue, the first thing she'll see is a palest pink confection with layers of tulle and sparkling bugle beads.

I hope it fits.
I hope her parents forgive the impracticality of it.
I hope she feels beautiful in it.

Merry Christmas, Angel.
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