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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The room full of shoes

That's where I went over the edge, my thought process slowing to a trickle to try to make some sense of the horror and the sheer magnitude of it.

The room was full of shoes.
There were no people to go with the shoes.
The people took off the shoes.
The people were discarded.
The shoes were useful.
The shoes were saved.

But as many times as I recalculated it, I could not make it add up to anything other than pure, heartbreaking evil. I left the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in tearful shock, in a fog of sorrow and outrage that didn't lift for weeks.

I think everyone needs to stumble around in that fog at some point.


On Saturday, November 21st at 3 PM, Margot Lobree will discuss her experiences as a Holocaust survivor in conjunction with the ALBAN ELVED Dance Company's performances of INERTIA: Remembering the Holocaust.

This event is FREE and will take place in the Drama Workshop, Salem Fine Arts Center, Salem College.

more information: 336-917-5313

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Salem College
Alban Elved Dancy Company
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
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