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Sunday, November 08, 2009

In Local Tattoo News

For those who admire them:
Now through January 30th, the Tattoo Archive (618 W. Fourth) is hosting a show entitled Sailor Tattooing. Centuries ago Captain Cook and his crew encountered the tattooed native peoples of the South Pacific. Cook's sailors were looking for the perfect souvenir for their travels, and tattoos fit the bill. Thus a tradition for seamen was born. The exhibit showcases tattoos from navies around the world.

For those who have them and love them:
The Wake Forest University Museum of Anthropology is compiling tattoo images for an upcoming exhibit. If you are interested in having your tattoo included, either stop by the museum or email an image of your tattoo to moa@wfu.edu.

For those who have them but wish they did not:
On Wednesday, November 11th, the office of Anne L. White will perform free laser tattoo removal for veterans. For complete information and to schedule an appointment, call 659-2663.
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