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Monday, November 16, 2009

And the winner is...

(of this contest)

First, meet your judge! Deb Britton is in her eleventh year as Fair and Membership Coordinator at Piedmont Craftsmen. Prior to that, she attended the Fair for almost 20 years as a shopper, a volunteer, and an Exhibitor's significant other. She has redeemed her non-Southern nativehood through her achievement of an MFA in Poetry from UNC-G and the cultivation of a firm belief that grits are best when made from the type that have to be soaked overnight, then served "cheesy".

Her decision is as follows...

Honorable mentions:

Ginger for the Party Apology Card ("gut rumbling" - snerk)
Tom Faucett for Black Arrow ("I've been busy...")
and Julie for the Voodoo Wedding Couple (that's a friend I'd like to have)

And the winner is...

Sarah Franzheim!

Sarah, email me about your tickets to the Piedmont Craftsmen Fair. Congratulations!

Everyone, contests will resume after the holidays.

In! 20! 10! (God, I love how space-age that sounds...)
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