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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dr. Cereal

Most Older Kids Need One Swine Flu Shot, Tests Show

The federal government is buying more than 250 million doses of vaccine -- and perhaps enough to inoculate every American -- for the most ambitious vaccination campaign in U.S. history. The first doses are expected to become available in October, and many schools are planning to offer the shots to students.

We haven't decided what to do about the H1N1 shots for our children yet. I'd really like to have the oldest tested for immunity, as I suspect he had the flu at camp. I don't think the general public has access to that kind of testing, though.

Has anyone decided whether to give their children the shot(s)? I don't know of anyone who has.

While we read and listen and consider, the marketing gurus at Kelloggs have been hard at work.

spotted (and left behind) at Lowes Foods
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