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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Amen 10-4

Last night my husband and I watched the season premiere of our favoritest TV comedy ever: CSI: Miami.

At one point my husband did a magnificent imitation of Horatio taking over for the respirator and breathing heavily into Delko's nose, while I laughed so hard I almost threw up. (Note: that didn't actually happen in the episode. It's just that Horatio was leaning so close into an intubated, unconscious Delko that it looked like that - or lustily kissing him - was his intention, and since we like to pretend this is all a passion play, as was popular during the Middle Ages, where Horatio is a living incarnation of God, well, it made sense.)

Anyway, last night's episode was about the early formation of the church team, and it opened with Delko as an unwashed one a towtruck driver who found a body. Delko's fervor power of observation was so impressive that wham, bam, Jesus Horatio preached and converted convinced him to become a disciple CSI. Because it's that easy.

...In real life, of course, it's not. The WSPD recruits undergo a lot of intensive training, with being pepper sprayed the primary highlight, I believe, and HEY, LOOK! A NEW TRAINING FACILITY! LET'S TAKE A TOUR!

Winston-Salem Police Department
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