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Thursday, August 27, 2009


I was awoken at 5:40 this morning by the spinning red lights and the melodic sounds of the garbage truck. It's fine, though, because I'm beyond excited - my friend C.Z. and I are meeting for lunch today at Rana Loca. I've not eaten there yet, even though I've been drooling over it for ages.

Anyone have any recs? Dishes to avoid? I'm trying to preplan, but the lunch menu at least is a wreck to try to read online. Or maybe I just need glasses.

Rana Loca

ALSO: You have thirty-four and a half hours to enter the Local Pink contest.

(I have tons of entries that need to be posted, but last weekend my computer arbitrarily decided not to allow right-clicking in email, for what reason I know not, so I haven't yet. But no worries, because my husband is genius and will engage in battle most fierce with said computer tonight. AND WIN.)
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