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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We're cart people, finally. When Winston-Salem launched the curbside program, not one house on our street used it, and so we didn't either, not wanting to make a special truck make a special trip just for our measly trash. So we kept using our old, mismatched cans, grousing when the lids fell off, hating how tippy they were.

But recently I realized that as neighbors died off or sold or rented, the new occupants went with the curbside program. And so, not wanting to be the only household forcing the old truck to come down our street, I switched us over last week. Five days later, our big, beautiful new trash carts were delivered. We'll never lose our lids again.

Voluntary Curbside Garbage Collection Program
switch over online
Winston-Salem Department of Sanitation

image: Spruce off Fourth
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