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Thursday, July 30, 2009


Sometimes when she was feeling festive, my mother would make us cold butter and sugar sandwiches. One day I asked why those two. She smiled guiltily then explained that when she was a little girl, these were the rationed items that she missed the most and craved constantly, so on her birthday during those years, her mother would make her a butter and sugar sandwich. Forty years later, that was still a decadent taste to her.

Victory Gardens of course were also part of the WWII culinary landscape, and so every time I see one of these posters now popping up all over town, I actually think of butter and sugar sandwiches and how happy my mother was to be able to make them for us whenever she wanted.

The Law Offices of Timothy Welborn are the proud sponsor of this patriotic effort. Mr. Welborn has maintained a garden since his youth and even raised and sold his fresh produce through his college years. He hopes to give children in our local community the opportunity to develop a passion for gardening.

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