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Friday, July 17, 2009

NEW CONTEST: Playing Footsie

True story: there used to be this horrific kids' show on TV called Oobi. It was basically like a puppet show, but with bare hands holding Mr. Potato Head-looking eyes between the fingers. The dialogue was inane, built of single words often pronounced in an odd, stretched out way. I couldn't watch for more than a hot second; it made me feel squirrely. Of course the youngest loved the show madly.

Anyway, one day while walking through the room as quickly as I could, I realized a new character had been introduced: a foot. A FOOT, PEOPLE. I was frozen on the spot by the knowledge that somewhere, someone had lain on the floor of a set, with her one foot thrust aloft into the scenery, with miniature eyes wedged between the toes, delivering lines like "Park. Fuuuun."

Anyway, I'm giving feet another chance. Show me what good actors they can be. Redeem them.

Your mission: Bring the high drama, in the form of a photo (or more than one) starring a foot (or feet) right here in fabulous Forsyth County. The foot/feet should be part of a larger scene with some implied action or event.

  • You MAY enter more than one photo.
  • Email me the photo(s), and I will upload it/them to this post so all can enjoy.
  • You MAY submit a previously submitted, non-accoladed photo.
  • Your entry constitutes a one time use grant (two if you garner judge praise). You retain ownership of your work.
  • You are solely responsible for any damages arising from your entry, as well as any tax concerns should you win.
  • Entries deemed as inappropriate by yours truly will not be considered.
  • Do not add a signature or watermark to your photo.
  • Contest entries must be received by 5 pm EST on Friday, July 24th 2009.
An esteemed judge or two will select one winner. Not necessarily a consideration: photographic skill. Your entry will be judged on that intangible quality we call je ne sais quoi. (That's a fancy way of saying "Whichever wind blows the judge's skirt up.")

A $10 giftcard to Target. They have lots of socks and pumices and other things for feet.

my photo: feet attached to children responsible for making a clover chain


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