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Monday, July 27, 2009


Körner’s Folly invites the public to attend “The Paranormal Side of Körner’s Folly,” Friday, July 31st, 7 pm, at in Cupid’s Park, the Folly’s top-floor community theater.

On hand will be the Southern Paranormal and Anomaly Research Society (SPARS) to share experiences and results from their May 23rd investigation. SPARS is a family member of The Atlantic Paranormal Society, better known as TAPS, made famous by SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters. SPARS has five members based in the Triad area.

Local legends suggested the Folly to be haunted although there was no evidence to substantiate claims. As the first paranormal group to investigate to property, SPARS was pleasantly surprised by the results.

Triad-based SPARS investigators will briefly outline how paranormal investigations are conducted, basic equipment used, and how to analyze evidence. SPARS will detail the experiences of their seven-hour investigation.

While SPARS cannot claim to know whom -or what- haunts the folly, they do feel the presence is gentle and curious.

The event is open to the public. Tickets are $7.50 and can be purchased on the Körner’s Folly website. Seating is limited. All proceeds go to the Körner’s Folly Foundation.


The oldest and I spent yesterday afternoon at Körner's Folly. I'm a little ashamed to say I've not been before, though every time I've passed by on the way to my cousin's, I've sworn I'm going to visit within the week.

The oldest, a fan of the new kids' show "The Othersiders", was very intrigued by the recent paranormal findings. I mostly went because I've heard the interior is completely nonsensical. And architecturally, wow, it sure is, but it is also very charming and graceful, and both the oldest and I left feeling like it was well worth the visit, and we'd be very tickled to live there, ghosts or no ghosts.

The furniture is fantastic. The pieces are huge and have all these wonderfully wrought details. My favorite was a corner piece Jules designed for his daughter's small, pink room. As well as somehow making sturdy look elegant, it was a storage wonder.

Images, top to bottom: the dressing room, Cupid's Park, the Reception Room, The I Can't Remember The Name Room, the Rose Room. You can see the corner piece I love at right below the dolls. Click on images to enlarge.

PS: The Folly has a fantastic, crazily antique, rectangular grand piano for sale. I covet it MADLY. (Sadly no phonophoto. Or idea of price. Suspect kablillions due to high degree of awesome.)

Körner's Folly
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