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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Local Wedding Input Needed

Y'all, a LiF reader needs some help, please. He writes...

My fianceé and I are scouting local wedding locations, and I was wondering if you know or have heard of any good barn/rustic-type spots around town? So far we've considered Tanglewood, Grayln, Millenium Center, Old Salem & Brookstown Inn (only one of those meets the barn criteria). Reynolda Gardens is only for WFU-affiliated folks, but would otherwise be on the list.

"Swishy" is less of a priority for us than "fun." A barn in or close to Winston that's open to some light decoration and a party from 6-midnight next summer for about 125 folks is really the ultimate goal. So far the closest we've come is the barn at Tanglewood, which is nice — dont' get me wrong, but it just has kind of a state park vibe, you know? If you've seen the episode of The Office where Dwight and Angela get married, something like that would be ideal... open air, benches, Christmas lights, followed by some dancing under the stars (weather permitting, fingers crossed).

Do you know of a good barn (or similar wedding-friendly spot) around here?

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