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Friday, May 01, 2009

I joined a cult

How to tell if it's a cult, by Lucy

  • Does it have its own body of written work?
  • Does it have its own food or clothing?
  • Does it have its own readily recognizable, cultish vernacular?
  • Does it have its own meeting place?
  • Does it cost money to join?

3 yes answers: might be a cult
4 yes answers: probably a cult
5 yes answers: definitely a cult

Gymboree is probably a cult. Medical school is definitely a cult. So is summer camp. IKEA.

But Ladies and Gentlemen, as part of Operation Less Lucy, I joined the mother of all cults: Weight Watchers.

And I am tickled to throw my money at them and spout off about "points" and "5%ers" and such if it gets me to my goal. Hell, I'm ready to shave my head.

Happily, WW appears to be working. I've just come from my second mind-washing, and I am pleased to announce that the aliens in starships took away over 3 pounds this week. 3.2, to be exact.

And LOOK! They quote Wake Forest professors in their holy treatises on attitude adjustment (see third point).

Operation Less Lucy is a go, people. (insert cult handsign, which thus far I've not been taught, here.)

Weight Watchers, Silas Creek Crossing
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