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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Question: Is the city responsible for vehicle damage resulting from a pothole, manhole and/or other road hazards?

Answer: The city is not legally liable for damages in these types of cases. This type of incident is considered a road hazard in the State of North Carolina, the city is not liable. Unless the city had prior knowledge of the pothole and/or any other hazard existing in the roadway and failed to correct that problem within a reasonable amount of time. This type of damage is usually covered under the Collision Coverage of your personal automobile policy.

As a car owner in DC, you knew to get the alignment checked (and corrected) roughly every three months, the streets being a hideous and bumpy amalgamation of original surfacing, metal roadplates, and temporary repair surfacing. Certain roadways made you suspect the entire infrastructure was held together by dollar store duct tape.

We have it good here.
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