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Monday, May 18, 2009

The Buena Vista Garden, by Yarddawg

Do You Have a Guardian Angel?

Meet big, beautiful, bodacious, bold, Hosta ‘Guardian Angel’. It makes a statement in any garden. My ginormous 4 foot wide clump seems really happy in its space here in Buena Vista. There are reports of 6 to 7 foot monster clumps of Guardian Angel. The leaf shown in the photo here measured more than a foot wide. The green center is splashed with milky white, blue green, margins and sports near white flowers in summer.

This impressive plant usually causes visitors to stop dead in their tracks and then quickly move on,” like if I don’t move quickly the thing might eat me”, or similar reaction.

Fear not. Guardian Angel is just a very,very, large hosta and has not been known to physically harm anyone except maybe any slug or other critter attempting to eat it. The imposing size alone says; “hello, try me at risk of dying from hosta overdose” or surely, chew on me and (sorry about this for any slug fans out there) Hosta La (Buena) Vista Baby!

Hard to find, impossible to eat but easy to share.

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