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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Home Depot, Hanes Mall Blvd

We're going to Kernersville today, to a party for my cousin's son, to celebrate the fact that he was baptized last week. We didn't attend the baptism. Frankly we didn't even know of it until they called to ask us by this weekend. Religion can be a curious thing; add in family, and it gets even more curious.

My father and his twin brother (my cousin's father) converted from the Methodist church to the Episcopal at the ripe old age of six, because they wanted to join the boys' choir at St. Paul's just up the street from their house. I came up Episcopalian. Occasionally I wander into a Methodist service, and I feel at home there as well. Both denominations are what I call "baby sprinklers", which is to say typically baptism occurs young and with a drizzle.

Today we're off to my cousin's, to celebrate the submersion of a nearly eleven year old, in what denomination I do not know. And I've frankly been at a loss as to what to take the child. A toy? A gift certificate? Neither seems befitting. Neither necessarily does a cactus, but a cactus is what he's getting. At least it's biblical.
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