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Monday, April 20, 2009

Because we had a tulip poplar, I played "Charlie's Angels" instead

OK, I'm only going to admit this freely one time: if I had grown up with one of these trees in my yard, I would have played "Beautiful Fairy Princess Bride" every spring day without fail. I would have pretended my dog Brownie (he was brown) was my maid of honor. I would have made the little neighbor girl from down the street be my flower girl for eternity. And I would have loved EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT.

This morning, running late, I backed the car down the driveway rather briskly. I brushed a low-hanging branch of this tree, and pink petals exploded all over the vehicle. It was frankly glorious. I only wish it was possible for me to hit another without having to careen across my neighbor's lawn. Alas.
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