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Friday, March 27, 2009

NEW CONTEST: Your long lost ancestor


Ah, family histories... So full of sauce and spice and scandal. And if they're not, shouldn't they be?

Your mission:
Good news! A photo of your long-lost ancestor was recently found at Brookstown Antiques! Look at that face. Feel the pang of love, of shame, of horror, all intertwined? Now tell us about her. Best story wins. The prize? Your ancestor herself, plus a $10 giftcard to Borders. The judge is a creative soul with a historical bent, so lean that way.

Entries must be submitted by 5 pm next Friday, April 3rd. You may post your entry here in comments, but PLEASE ALSO EMAIL IT TO ME. One entry per person.

Between now and April 3rd, you may sip a cuppa while gazing upon the actual image of your ancestor at simplyummy in Reynolda Village. You agree that if some yahooligan is so enraptured by your ancestor as to spirit her away from simplyummy between now and prize delivery, you will let your ancestor fade back into the folds of your memory. Clearly she cannot be replaced (though you'd still get the giftcard if declared the winner).

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