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Monday, February 02, 2009

How was your day?

  • I woke up to the dog with doggie dementia walking into walls at 1 am.
  • At 3 am, one child threw up.
  • At 5 am, the other child coughed until he choked.
  • At 7:30 am, I carted the oldest's Science Fair project up to school, foregoing makeup since I thought I'd sneak in and out. I saw EVERYONE and believe I scarred B.'s youngest daughter for life.
  • At noon, the naughty dog scootched under the fence and ran off. I would have loved to chase her, but I would have had to drag the kids out, and they were in no condition.
  • At 3 pm, I caught sight of the dog right in the front yard. She caught sight of me back and crossed the street. I managed to catch her anyway, hahahaha, but she had the last laugh by tripping me when I attempted to cross back holding her collar.
  • When tripped, I wiped out COMPLETELY.
  • In the road.
  • In front of the schoolbus, which had just unloaded.
  • And every neighborhood mom.
  • And child.
  • I scraped one thigh massively.
  • And the entire palm of my right hand.
  • And I am fairly certain my right pinky is broken AND dislocated.
  • Did I mention the child with nausea is the one with the hypersensitive-to-visuals stomach?
  • Which is fine, because every time I try to move my finger, I want to throw up, too.
  • It's taken me 36 minutes to type this.
  • Dear God, let Monday end already.
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