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Sunday, February 15, 2009


I'm at Costco, trying to come up with snack ideas. The youngest has to bring snack for the class this week, and the phonics sound is CH. There's a peanut allergy now, which is making this CHallenging.

So far I have CHips Ahoy, CHips (potato), CHeese-Its, and CHeerios. I may have to get CHowder for Friday if I don't come up with one more.

PS: LC asked me to price rotisserie CHicken. $4.99 apiece, LC.

PPS: I ran into Beth -n- Fam! So cool!

PPPS: The samples were still chintzy. Maybe 8 stations total, and 2 of those were snack foods (granola bars and rice cakes), 1 was candy, 1 was yogurt, and 1 was jam. Really, Costco.

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