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Monday, January 26, 2009

The kitchen smells not like a bakery, awfully like a brewery

Today being a school holiday (end of quarter), we've dedicated today to Science Fair work. Currently rising for the second time are a loaf with three times the yeast called for by our recipe and a loaf with eight times the yeast. Both children are fervently hoping LOAF F (800%) explodes in the oven. They're almost delirious with glee at the possibility.

Do not ask what happened to LOAF E. It rhymes with Mep.

Shown above: LOAF A, LOAF B, LOAF C, aka No Yeast, 50% Recommended Yeast, 100% Recommended Yeast. You will not be surprised to learn that LOAF A came out of the oven as dense as a brick.
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