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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Me, I'm a peanut butter chocolate girl

Esbette sent me this photo a few minutes ago from the Baskin Robbins at Thruway, where she is in line for the 31 cent scoop of ice cream. No word on what flavor she is after.

The boys and I went last year and picked up fantastic freebies that I think are long gone, or by now they would have appeared in an EXACT contest.

Banner Day

Today was the youngest's last preschool musical production. He's in the back row, in purple, completely invisible to the audience. (Sadly, he inherited my height.)

This afternoon he was screened for kindergarten. I was hoping he'd fail, that they'd tell me he needed at least two or three more years at home, but alas, no such luck.

My baby.

And I mean EXACT... (X)

First person to email me the correct and exact location where I was standing when I took the above phono-photo wins a prize from the bounty of beauty I have accumulated lo my almost two score years on earth. Specifically he/she wins...
Two Power Rangers Spiral Notebooks! His and hers! Hers and his! However you divvy them up, you're sure to enjoy these fantastic, brand-new notebooks from the Dino Warriors rotation that unbeknownst to me came home from Target one day many years ago! When a child later needed a notebook for school, I was informed these were "no way, really uncool, Mom." Well, now they are cool, because enough time has elapsed that they have become vintage! You'll be the envy of all when you whip one of these out of your Trapper Keeper (not included) and write in it with your Lisa Frank scented pen (also not included)!

As always, click on images for larger versions. As always, Esbette is ineligible to play.

Local doorway

I very much like this doorway, from the ornateness of the stonework to the fact that it in fact no longer is a doorway. There should be more non-doorway doorways like this.

(The only thing I might remove is the very dippy lamp, although as an injury attorney, the advertising party is probably quite concerned with improper lighting liability. The trauma of someone attempting to go through this doorway would likely be very costly.)

(And no, this isn't the "EXACT" contest. That, as always, will post automatically at 1 pm.)

Tomorrow's menu: peanut-free

Macaroni and Cheese
Bakes Chicken Nuggets
PB & J Sandwich

Bakes Potato Wedges
Peas and Carrots
Chilled Pears

That PB & J Sandwich is as doomed as Wally. According to this announcement:

Starting July 1, 2008 the Child Nutrition Department will no longer offer any foods that contain peanuts or peanut by-products to
ALL Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools.

Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools Dining Services

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


"Lucy, what are you doing there?"

"What do you mean, S.? I live here."

"I know, but what are you doing at home?"

"Um, the youngest and I just finished art class. Now we're eating lunch."

"Wait. Hold on a minute. You blew off the Obama Town Meeting for art class?"

"No. I didn't 'blow it off'. I had a previous engagement. Art Class. With the youngest. Besides, I'm already voting for him."



"I'm trying to figure out if I'm appalled or impressed."

"We had fun in art today, if that helps. We read a book, then painted giant jam sandwiches and stuck paper wasps on them."

S. laughs. "Of course you did."

Sawtooth School for Visual Art

Local Facade

I like the wood on this building on N. Spruce

Seen on the wall of Edward McKay

Clans that have signed up for the 2008 Event:
  • Clan Donnachaidh
  • Clan Maclean
  • Clan Keith Society
  • Clan Davidson Society
  • Clan Henderson
  • Clan Buchanan
  • Clan Montgomery
  • Clan MacNeil
  • Triad St Andrew Society
  • Scottish Heritage Society

Celtic Festival & Highland Games

Historic Bethabara Park

Edward McKay

Strawberry preserves, blueberry preserves, Twin City preserves

Watch this!

North Carolina's historic districts and landmarks statute, NCGS 160A-400.1 through 400.14, states that the historical heritage of our state is one of our most valued and important assets. This legislation also finds that the conservation and preservation of historic resources stabilizes and increases property values and strengthens the overall economy.

Forsyth County Historic Resources Commission

Monday, April 28, 2008

My official endorsement

Friends, these are difficult times we live in. Our housing valuations are down, and our grocery bills are up. We're in a severe drought, and our basements are flooded.

I've given it a lot of thought. I've weighed the issues. I've considered the alternatives. I have listened to my heart, and I have weighed with my brain. I have also consulted the tendons on the backs of my ankles. And I have come to the only loving, logical, tendon-friendly conclusion.

The new, black, metal shopping carts that debuted today at the Teeter are the best carts for the job in '08.

No more noisy plastic wheels! No more child seat flap thing that refuses to stay down while you try to maneuver a child into the cart! No more inopportune, ankle-height bar to attack you as you look over seemingly endless shelves for the one cereal your child wants while said child rams you with the cart because he just can't steer the behemoth cart properly!

No more, I say, no more! The tide has turned, the sea has been parted, and my groceries are being led to the Promised Land!

Er, anyway, I didn't take a picture, but if you pop by Harris Teeter on Peace Haven @ Robinhood, you'll see which carts I'm endorsing.
edit, 9:30ish: What luck! I had a Tab emergency.

Under Contract

454 Westover

Lovely old house, isn't it?

Still, I'm concerned. It went under contract ridiculously fast some weeks ago. And the lot is quite large for the area - 1.7 acres; most other lots in the immediate area are between .3 and .5 acres. Plus the property's on the corner of Buena Vista and Westover, which means it would be very easy to split into multiple lots of regular shape, each easily accessible via existing roads.

You see where I'm going with this?

That's right, I'm scared of McMansions.

Basically I won't be at ease until it goes to settlement and I see some sweet new family move in. ONE sweet new family, not six.

Again, this is Brigadoon

Another maybe-once-every-hundred-years opportunity from the Wake Forest University Museum of Anthropology!

Next Saturday, May 3, the Museum of Anthropology will host a FREE Papua New Guinea Family Day from 1pm – 4pm.

The afternoon will feature crafts, games, storytelling, food, and family-friendly fun from this unique island nation.

This is also a great opportunity to see our newest permanent exhibit “Face to Face: The Arts of Exchange in Mainland Papua New Guinea” and learn a little more about the culture if you haven’t been here in a while.

Brigadoon camp

Heyyy! Wanna see my basement?


North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Program

We don't even live within a floodplain, but you'd be hardpressed to know that looking at our basement or one corner of the backyard.

Even if you are not in a floodplain you may experience flooding. Area drainage problems may cause flooding on local streets and in residential neighborhoods. Inundation flooding occurs when the amount of rainfall and runoff exceeds a storm water system’s (ditch or sewer) capability to remove it.


Starting Tonight

Central Library begins another round of free foreign films this evening. All movies begin at 7 pm.

MONDAY, April 28 (Denmark, 1998) Celebration
What starts as a festive birthday celebration for a family's patriarch takes a turn when some disturbing family secrets are revealed. Rated R for strong sexual content and language, including references to sexual abuse.

MONDAY, May 5 (Denmark, 2002) Italian for Beginners
A beginner's Italian class in Copenhagen becomes the common ground for a disparate group of lovelorn individuals. Rated R for language and some sexuality.

MONDAY, May 12 (Italy, 2001.) The Son's Room
The members of a closely knit family must each deal in their own way with a tragic loss. Rated R for language and some sexuality.

MONDAY, May 19 (Spain, 1999.) Lovers of the Arctic Circle
Otto and Ana meet by chance when they are children, or is it just chance? Their lives stay connected through the years by coincidence and fate. Rated R for sexuality and brief language.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Neither Wind nor Rain...

Tent meeting

This is "Side-Swiped", the event that's been advertised the last few weeks by a rather battered automobile on the church's front lawn.

College Park Baptist Church

Henryk Fantazos

I escaped trice from two kindergartens and solidified an indestructible sense of being special.

This man is amazing. One of his paintings, Beekeepers Dance, is at the Associated Artists gallery right now. You really need to go in, look at it yourself, see all the detail, appreciate it fully.

Henryk Fantazos

Associated Artists of Winston-Salem

Country of Origin

Mexico, USA, Peru

Today at Harris Teeter I bought some tomatoes that were "Grown locally - Walnut Cove". I cannot wait until the roadside stands start popping up again.

NC Farm Fresh

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Date Night

My husband hides his face - but not the spectacular lit-up pineapple thingamabob - at Firebirds.

My only issue with the new-to-Winston Firebirds is its unfortunate location on the detested Hanes Sprawl Boulevard. Otherwise the wait wasn't too awful (50 minutes on a rainy Saturday night when the patio wasn't available), the drinks were superb, the service was attentive without being hovering, and the food was exceptionally delicious. We'll be back.

We had and recommend all of the following:

The Double Black Diamond Martini
Fresh pineapple and citrus vodka. Served with a wedge of sweet, sliced pineapple. (This is what is brewing in the pineapple thingamabob shown above.)

Lobster Spinach Queso
A spicy blend of lobster, baby spinach, tomatoes and pepper jack cheese with tri-colored tortilla chips.

Ranch Rings
Buttermilk-battered with pepper panko bread crumbs served with roasted garlic ranch dressing.

Bleu Cheese Filet
Our wood grilled filet topped with bleu cheese sauce and port mushrooms.

Baby Back Ribs
Half rack of slow roasted baby back ribs basted with java bbq sauce, steak fries, cider slaw.

Sadly (but understandably) we were stuffed silly and had no room for dessert.

Maple Springs UMC

We went to the Maple Springs UMC Missions Fest today. They had more people this year, I think, but fewer food options. I still got my BBQ sandwich and sweet tea, but the children were bereft of cotton candy. Thankfully, the children's entertainment area was, as last year, spot-on.

The youngest surprised us with a spontaneous attempt at climbing the rock tower. The oldest declined when I attempted to sound enthused about this opportunity for him (his exact words: "Are you CRAZY?"), and nobody suggested it to the youngest, who still hasn't quite forgiven me for the upside-down, spinning ride at last year's Dixie Classic, so I was sort of stunned when the youngest pointed across the blow-ups and said, "That. I'm gonna do that." He made it a good five feet off the ground before he froze and had to be pulled off like a kitten on a screen door.

Most of the children's time, however, was spent inside a large, blow-up spaceship, battling with laser guns against other kids and, supposedly, "aliens". Since it was roughly 2000 degrees inside that blow-up, I elected not to stick my head in and verify that claim, so take it for what it's worth.

Somewhere in there, my children are fighting aliens.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Barack the Vote!

Barack Obama will enjoy the graciousness of our own Winston-Salem this coming Tuesday, April 29th, for a Town Hall Meeting scheduled to run from 10:30 am until 2 pm.

You will want to clear your schedules accordingly.

Also, someone give the man a taste of Dewey's sugarcake while he's here.

Details to come.


As promised, the details:

Town Hall Meeting with Barack Obama
Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Time: 10:30 - 2:00
@ The Coliseum Annex
Tickets available at Board of Elections Saturday, April 26, 2008 - 10 AM
Tickets are limited to 2500

edit, 4:00 PM Sat: as detailed above

Hip Hop Hooray Hoe, Hey, Hoe

I'm loving my gardening. Well, there's just the one, eensy-teensy thing. Can we talk about the ground? We have no actual soil, people.

Yesterday I used a hoe. I wanted to get some flowers in the ground: perennials that hopefully will outlast me. I worked incredibly hard to till the smallest bed, because what do we have in this part of Cackalacky? At least at my house we have clay. Dense, red clay.

Consequently today I am sore. I mean really sore. So sore, in fact, that if I was in a bank right now, and the bank were robbed, and everyone was ordered to stick 'em up?


Research your own soil clay here!

Winston-Salem Public Safety Center

I stopped by the WSPSC (note: this is code for the Police Department building) today and thoroughly enjoyed their lobby exhibit on the history of local crimefighting. Apparently back in the day we had a major issue with gambling villains, if one goes by the open record book seen at the bottom right. Today the most major issue I think Winston-Salem faces is speeding villains; the oldest clocked one yesterday on his Hot Wheels radar gun doing something like 32,000 m.p.h.

Winston-Salem Police Department

Polo @ Lancaster

For Sale: great old car

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Local find

Spotted at SECCA's giftshop: an assortment of quite fabulous Art-o-mat patches, temporary tattoos and t-shirts!

I am particularly taken with the flaming squirrel patch seen in the lower righthand corner and am wracking my brain as to where I could sew it for optimal enjoyment.

previous Art-o-mat love

I only made her hold this pose like twenty seconds

Esbette gives the cinnachip scone at simplyummy two thumbs up, but I give the sparkletastic table three thumbs up. Esbette believes it was a Millicent Greason work (the table, not the scone). Sadly, we have no way of confirming this hypothesis.

Millicent Greason

And the winner is...

(of this contest)

whose winning answer was sent at at 1:19 pm, literally one minute before the next correct one. No fancy, shmancy maps or GPS coordinates for our SY. No, his answer is pure verbage. And the correct answer in written form is...

The intersection of Sunnyside, Lomond, and E. Devonshire, on Devonshire facing East through the intersection.

Congratulations to you, SY! You'll look ever so fetching toting your eco-bag about town!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So far we've planted the following edibles
  • strawberries
  • habanero peppers
  • sweet banana peppers
  • zucchini
  • crooked neck squash
  • cantaloupe
  • blackberries
  • spearmint
  • lemons
  • lime thyme
  • muscadines
  • heirloom tomatoes
  • cherry tomatoes
  • and my new happyhappygarden item: garlic (swoon)
I think that's it. If even half of it works, I'll be giddy all year. The only things missing, of course, are blueberries. Thankfully, we've a number of places close by to find them.

Cooperative Extension Service list of Blueberry Growers

And I mean EXACT... (IX)

First person to email me the correct and exact location where I was standing when I took the above phono-photo wins a prize from the bounty of beauty I have accumulated lo my almost two score years on earth. Specifically he/she wins...
A tote with eco-friendly message! This fabulous bag from the Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation is brand new! It shows green people carpooling! Green people biking! Green people walking! Green people busing! Use it to carry your lucky darts! Your homegrown squash! Your tawdry beach books! The possibilities for totage are endless!

As always, click on images for larger versions. As always, Esbette is ineligible to play.

But we have another engagement!

This Saturday Maple Springs UMC on Reynolda Road, aka The Pumpkin Church, will have their spring "Missions Fest" festival.

We went last year and had such a blast. This year it looks like they're adding a yard sale and a rock-climbing wall.

I must figure out a way to go. Hrm.

Maple Springs UMC


Participants will be taught the rules and etiquette of golf. Instruction will also be given about character development, success and life.

The 2008 Earnest Morris Junior Gold Program runs from June 16th - July 24th.

more info
Winston Lake Golf Course

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ya dig?

Under normal circumstances, I'd be peeved if someone painted lines all over my yard. But since I need to get some blackberry bushes into the ground, I called 811 to get my underground utilities marked so as to avoid killing us all. Yellow marks the gas line at my house.

North Carolina One Call Center
more on calling 811

Les Produits du Mer

Every time I drive past this sign where West End meets Reynolda, I wonder about it. I really want to walk down that drive and see what's there, but with my luck, it's some incredibly private institution with insider lingo and protocol, and I'll trip on my way in, and sort of fall into the room*, and everyone will stop what they are doing to stare at me**.

*which would not be without precedent
** also not without precedent


In celebration of the 10th World Tai Chi and Qi Gong Day, Golden Flower Tai Chi Center (612 Trade) is offering free classes in Qi Gong for health, beginners' Tai Chi, and self defense for women and kids from noon-2 pm.

more info

Monday, April 21, 2008

'Bette's been shot!

Esbette and I took a scenic trip to the Forsyth County Department of Health today so Esbette could get some vaccinations she needs for graduate school this fall. Graduate school FAR AWAY. Graduate school FAR AWAY AND FOR A LONG TIME.

It would be fair to say I am quite displeased with this turn of events. QUITE. DO YOU HEAR ME, ESBETTE?

On a happy note, the Department of Health was not at all what I feared*. It was bright and clean, the employees were without exception very courteous, and there was the most minimal of waits, even without an appointment.

The Forsyth County Department of Health

*a dirty, rundown place where we'd spend ninety minutes waiting with obvious syphilitics and lepers while being ignored by apathetic employees who would never open the smudgy, bulletproofed glass window and refuse to look up

And the winner is...

(to the Bonus Winston Newb/Restricted Internet at Work/Location Impaired Persons runner-up contest)
J. Snively

The winning, untitled poem:

Arbor Acrizzle
Surely the shizzle
Dig it, old man
You know the plan
Pop my top
Don't spill a drop
And don't you dare stop
This Pepsi's for my grandhomies
Who've gone before
Keepin' it real

J. Snively's poem was selected from a names-free array of quality entries by none other than our very esteemed, very local guest judge...

(l. to r.) Mr. Bowman Gray II, Mr. Bowman Gray IV, Mr. Bowman Gray I (not shown: Mr. Bowman Gray III)

Mr. Bowman Gray IV

Mr. Bowman Gray IV summarizes his selection thusly: This mystical yet pungent epigram regarding modern day libations should be classified alongside the likes of "Kubla Kahn" and Wordsworth of the late 18th century. This piece might also be compared to an elegiac couplet (Ovidian meter), being as it is reminiscent of famous epos by Schiller, Geothe and in succession Snoop Dogg whose melos from the underrated "Doggy Dogg World" could be felt throughout. But I digress. Suffice it to say that I enjoyed it thoroughly, FOR SCHNITZEL! (Did I get that right?) In closing, I have serious doubt about the possibility of another lyrical ballad of this depth, feeling and texture, much less about a bottle opener, ever being composed again.

With my compliments to the author.

Bowman Gray IV, PhD (Piling it Higher and Deeper)

Congratulations, J. Snively! Truly your red bottle opener keychain from Arbor Acres is well deserved!

As always, prize glory awaits all (except Esbette) every Wednesday at 1 pm!


Seventeen runners from Winston will compete today in The Boston Marathon, including our own dear Sarah South. The youngest Winstonian running is 26, the oldest 56. Eight are men, nine women.


The Boston Marathon

Save the Date

Home: A Black and White
Photography Exhibition

A Turning Point for New Direction

By the clients of
Bethesda Center for the Homeless
and photography students of
The Sawtooth School for Visual Art

Opening Reception
Thursday, May 15th
5:00-7:30 p.m.

Gateway Gallery, Enrichment Center
1006 S. Marshall Street, Winston-Salem

$25.00 per person

All proceeds benefit Bethesda's programs for homeless men and women

To make a reservation or for more information, call 631-5735

Bethesda Center for the Homeless
The Sawtooth School for Visual Art

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails

When we bought this house, we also bought a myriad of unseen blooms which surprised us the following spring. The lady who lived here before us clearly adored things that flowered. Then she died, but they lived on. And every spring I am surprised again, happily so.

The dogwood tree in the front yard is frankly what swayed me to this house over another. I grew up with a dogwood tree in my front yard, and because I had The Best Childhood Ever, I think any house with a dogwood tree in the front yard is superior to a house without a dogwood tree in the front yard.

When we got engaged, I told my mother that beyond the wedding party, I only had five wishes, that the rest of the wedding planning was hers to do with what she wished. She was all excitement; "Carte blanche!" I'd hear her exclaim on the phone to one friend or another. One of the five wishes was that my bouquet be the flowers from my yard growing up. That one flustered her. "But, honey, they were just everyday things!" she sputtered. "But they were mine, and they were beautiful, and I loved them," I replied, and she smiled with teary eyes, and so my bridal bouquet was azaleas in the deepest pink tied with pachysandra.

The dogwood blossoms were impossible to hothouse, as was the honeysuckle. This can't be helped when you get married in Washington in January. Otherwise I had my childhood garden bouquet, my grandmother's handkerchief, the spice wedding cake made with love by a dear friend, and the other two wishes that seemed so important at the time but now are forgotten.

And now I have sons, which means there won't be any wedding bouquets based on this yard, on these inherited blooms. I'm hopeful though that these flowers will imprint themselves on my sons, that one day one of them will favor one house over another because of the dogwood tree in the front yard or the hot pink azaleas by the back door.

C is for Colonial, D is for Dirt

My husband and the oldest just got back from an overnight Cub Scout trip to Camp Flintlock in Four Oaks, North Carolina.

They arrived filthy, which means they had a splendid time.

Camp Flintlock
Local Cub and Boy Scouting
Four Oaks, NC

My vote for the most random - yet intriguing - local summer camp


Museum of Anthropology at Wake Forest University
Summer Camp 2008

Join us as we journey to the exotic island nation of Papua New Guinea! With over 1000 ethnic groups, our focus will not be on just one people. We will explore and discover customs and festivals from several different areas, Through art, stories, games, and other activities we will learn how many Papua New Guinea people combine traditional culture with contemporary influences.

Sadly the three weeks available don't jibe with our summer plans, but wow, I would love to be able to say my son went to Papua New Guinea camp, because I'm fairly certain that much like Brigadoon, this opportunity arises only once every 100 years.

complete information

Museum of Anthropology

Saturday, April 19, 2008

To the person who discarded these two diapers onto the Costco parking lot:

Seriously, it is not that hard to find a trashcan. In fact, there was one all of 40 yards away that would have accommodated these easily.

Really, REALLY skeeved out,

PS: Also, these are like newborn size. NEWBORN. I am telling you now that if you think these are so bad that you have to fling them onto the pavement, wait until that kid starts eating solids.

PPS: FYI: North Carolina's Litter Statute

Inside the Eco-Kids Tent...

The youngest made a necklace...

He also dug for rocks, made a pencil stand, examined ladybugs, oohed and ahhed over earthworms in a tub of cow manure, and generally had a good time.

In the main tent, Mayor Joines gave a brief speech...

In addition, lecturers spoke and musicians played, one duo amusingly explaining that they called their bluegrass rendition of The Wall "Blue Floyd".

In the "eco-food" area, the youngest found a mascot to pose with...

Also I enjoyed one of Mary's omelets, the youngest had a crazy-good flax seed oatmeal cookie, and we bought a cheddar cheese and chive scone to bring home.

But by far, the youngest had the best time in the "eco-transportation" area, where he played with the solar-powered cars which mesmerized every child who walked up.

Plant Sale - Reynolda Greenhouse

In addition to a scented geranium, some herb that smells like lime but isn't lime, a spearmint plant and one heirloom tomato plant, I bought an eggplant. I mean an eggplant plant, a fancy Italian variety, no less.

I have never tasted eggplant, not do I have the slightest idea how to cook eggplant, but I'm sure I'll come up with something before it bears fruit. Er, vegetable? Anyway, before it produces an actual eggplant.

Reynolda Gardens

Taste this

Eco-Foods Tasting at the
Piedmont Earth Day Fair

Five of our area’s popular chefs will demonstrate with
local, natural ingredients and offer samples.

10:00-11:00 Chef Lisa Hawley, Southern Roots Market and Restaurant
Chicken Breasts stuffed with “Goat Lady Dairy” Goat Cheese, Blue Cheese, Green Onions & Herbs

11:30-12:30 Chef Mary Haglund, Mary’s of Course
Vegetable Omelets made with Seasonal, Local & Fresh Herbs and Vegetables

1:00-2:00 Chef Trevor Dye, Meridian Restaurant
Crepes from Local Flour, Eggs and Milk and a Filling made from North Carolina Apples

2:30-3:30 Chef Donnie Smith, New Town Bistro
Roasted Sweet Potato Salad with Local Green Onions and Chipotle Vinaigrette and Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Sage Brown Butter Sauce

4:00-5:00 Chef Garren M. Brannon, RD, LDN, Every Bite Counts / Make Every Bite Count Asparagus Frittata with Goat Cheese and Spring Salad with Local Greens & light Vinaigrette


I'm appalled to say the only one at which I've eaten is Mary's Of Course. I can, however, testify that her Breakfast Burrito was somewhere beyond a swoon, the possibility of which I was previously unaware. Basically it was like discovering a rip in the universe, stepping through, and finding a whole new world. A delicious new world. A world I'd like to live in some day.

Friday, April 18, 2008


The Winston-Salem Journal's new website layout is much more navigable and dynamic, as well as tremendously easier on the eyes.

Kudos to the JN peeps!

Check it out.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

St. Paul's, Summit Street

The Exchange Club Child Abuse Prevention Center of North Carolina, Inc was founded in October of 1981 following a Forsyth Co. N.C. taskforce discussion on needed prevention services to deal with rapidly increasing reports of child abuse and neglect.

Exchange of NC SCAN

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Winston from outside of Winston

Once upon a time in Spain, roughly twenty years ago, I was assigned to read an innocuous textbook, a history of Spain. It was a fine read until I came to the Franco-era rhetoric of extreme anti-Americanism. I was stunned and felt like I'd been jumped.

I suppose that's why I always read non-local articles about Winston while holding my breath, hoping we don't come off too badly.

This one was in the Washington Post last week.

And exhale.

Mommy, this is serious.


"I need ice cream. Need."

I look at him, thinking, which he mistakes for a potential no.

"Please? My itchies are getting better."

"You know what? It is, in fact, the perfect weather for ice cream. Not so hot it melts too fast, but hot enough for it to be refreshing. We'll have to eat it outside, though, and not at the tables with the other people."

"Oh-KAY! Let's go!"

Mayberry, Reynolda Village

1903 Sunnyside

This is the front porch of the house my maiden great-aunts owned for roughly half a century. I stopped by to take photos today and almost wept when told it was referred to as The Cash House but nobody knew why.

I spent hours on this front porch when I was little, for I usually stayed with my great-aunts when we visited from Washington.

Now the house belongs to the North Carolina School of the Arts, whose faculty were gracious enough to let me peek into their offices and remember the fireplace surrounds.

Coming soon...

Boovie Berries

A different fruit than that used in Boovine and Muscadelly.

And the winner is...

(of this contest)
Erik S

whose winning answer came in at 1:39 PM. Following the lead of Those Who Have Won Before Him, Erik sent a map. Unlike Those Who Have Won Before Him, Erik disabled right-click functionality on his map, so I can't share it with you, but rest assured it is a fine-looking map.

In words, the answer is "At Forsyth Tech, in the top parking lot on the east edge of campus, at the top of the stairs leading to the bottom parking lot, looking toward the back of the Armory parking lot and beyond to Silas Creek Parkway."

Erik selected the green Arbor Acres bottle opener keychain, a wise choice since Green is the New Green.

This means that the poetry winner will get the red Arbor Acres bottle opener keychain. You have until noon Friday to submit your poem to my email. The astoundingly local guest judge will then review the poems over the weekend, pore over them at length with a cuppa, and select the winning poem, which will be revealed here (as will the guest judge's identity) Monday afternoon.

Congratulations again to Erik S! Urban hipster glory is yours!

The rest of you: Ready, Set, Poetize!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

(sobbing) Oh, Wally!

The youngest being Wally's Number One Fan, he's taking Billy Prim's decision to rename our city's baseball team personally. He's wept, he's wondered over the fate of his favorite Warthog, #24, and now he's moved into the anger/"someone must pay" stage of grief.

Unfortunately he picked up a lot of ideas from my late father, who served in the US Navy during WWII and had no qualms about sharing war stories with small children.
(audio only)

...And my father lives on.

The Winston-Salem Warthogs (for now)

And I mean EXACT... (VIII)

First person to email me the correct and exact location where I was standing when I took the above phono-photo wins a prize, one (1) of these quality items. Specifically he/she wins his/her choice of color (red/green) of...

A bottle opener keychain from Arbor Acres! Yes, nothing says urban hipster like carrying your bottle opening tool around town with you, especially when your bottle opening tool comes from Arbor Acres, Winston-Salem's premier, upscale retirement community! Impress your friends! Your dates! Your grandparents! Pick red! Pick green! Whichever color you pick, your fellow urban hipsters are sure to respond with, "Those Methodists are the bomb diggity, fo' shizzle!"

As always, click on images for larger versions. As always, Esbette is ineligible to play.

Bonus Winston Newb/Restricted Internet at Work/Location Impaired Persons runner-up contest: A poem. I need a poem. A poem about a bottle opener keychain from Arbor Acres. Any form. Any rhyme scheme (including the ever popular "none"). Best poem wins the non-selected color bottle opener keychain from Arbor Acres. Poems must received in my email by noon on Friday. Winner to be selected by a guest judge whose decision will be final, although possibly faulty.

ATTN: Library Amigos

Join the Friends of the Central Library for their annual membership meeting and program featuring long-time Winston-Salem Journal columnist Kim Underwood, author of Dope on a Rope and the children’s book, His Dogness Finds a Blue Heart. Meet fellow library lovers and find out more about how you can support the Central Library by becoming a member of the Friends of Central Library.

There will be light refreshments and door prizes. This meeting will be held Saturday, April 19th, at 3:00 PM in the Central Library auditorium. For more information, call 703-3018.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The chicken said, "POCK, pock, pock, pock..."

"Mommy, more itchies."

The youngest is reclining on the loveseat next to the front window, pointing at his calf. Indeed I can see little ones that were not there thirty minutes ago.

"I'm sorry, baby. Let me put some lotion on them. Don't scratch. You watch TV now."

So not me to turn on the TV when the weather is glorious, but I'm desperate to keep his mind off the itching that began just after lunch. I spend the afternoon alternating rubbing lotion with making logistical phone calls, explaining to stunned voice after stunned voice that we've been to the ped's, that in fact one can contract chicken pox even after two vaccines, no no, I didn't know this either, that supposedly it's milder than it would be, though watching new crop after new crop sprout up, it doesn't seem mild enough.

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