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Monday, November 17, 2008


Simply Needlepoint

I love stores like this, visually harmonious, crisp and just so ridiculously pretty that when you walk inside, you wish you... you knew about things (in this case, that I had crazymad needle knowledge). In short, Simply Needlepoint is merchandised so appealingly that it falls somewhere between a store and a gallery. Currently located in Reynolda Village on the interior sidewalk between Village Outdoors and Mayberry, owner Carolyn Fuller plans to move it in late January to a spot below Monkee's. For now, though, find all your fabulous canvases and needlepointing sundries in the lovely location above.

Simply Needlepoint is open Monday through Friday from 10-4 and Saturday from 12-4. Website under development. Questions: 336.727.4058
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