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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shop Local

I've received more than one email asking for shopping advice. How am I almost done? I've been planning a long time, casually since about Labor Day, more intensely in the last few weeks. How much did I spend? So much less than you'd imagine.

Seemingly everyone is in the same boat this year - the leaky one called No Money, Honey. Accordingly, between now and Christmas I'll be profiling gift ideas, all of which will be

a. available in locally-owned shops

b. for ten dollars or less.

Every gift idea may not strike your fancy, but hopefully they will get you thinking - about supporting local businesses, about giving smaller but still personal gifts, about shopping smarter.

As always, there's a list of local stores' websites in the lefthand column. If you know of any I've missed, email me, and I will happily add to the list.

Today's gift: A serving spoon, perfect for the cook who makes you very happy, available in bright blue, white, and grass green, $5.50 each at The Golden Apple, 3458 Robinhood Rd.
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