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Thursday, November 20, 2008

My mother would kill me

As soon as the presents - birthday, Christmas or any other occasion - were unwrapped, my mother would hand me a sheet of stamps. All afternoon I would write, my hand cramping, my tongue think and numb from licking the stamps, the envelopes. All thank you notes were out within two days of receiving a gift.

When we sent out our wedding invitations, I was working an outrageous number of hours, and so although I still wrote the notes as soon as the gifts came in, I was more generous to myself, allowing a full week after receipt of a gift to acknowledge it. I understood that there was some unwritten rule that gave the bride a year to write the notes, but that seemed... unnecessary. Really? A year? Am I supposed to write them in my own blood or something?

And now maybe I should write this in my own blood, for this gift was received at the beginning of November. We're going on three weeks! I can almost sense my mother shaking her fist at me from her perch on some cloud.

A very grateful thank you to Steve Bumgarner and Scott Carpenter of Capture, a public relations and marketing firm based right here in Winston-Salem. They stepped up to help Esbette out when she needed to interview someone in their field, gave her a generous chunk of their time, and, according to Esbette, were "brilliant".

Capture, Public Relations and Marketing
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