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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thanks, Mom

It's hard to imagine, but once upon a time, when I was little, I had no bottom. My mother dressed me daily in dresses, because with no waist and no behind to hold them up, skirts fell right off me. If there was a pretty blouse she wanted me to wear, she'd put me in a jumper, but generally, it was dresses, crisply ironed ones for school, casual, soft ones for play.

When it grew cold in the fall, she'd adapt, switching me to overalls, which were not reliant on the wearer having a bottom to hold them up, only shoulders. The other option was to wear a dress (or jumper) with tights, which drooped on me. I mean, how could they possibly stay up? Inevitably, I ended up with what looked like elephant knees, which I would try my little child best to fix but never quite manage. And so during the cold months, my mother limited my dresses to church and parties (also limiting the chances of being in public with me when I suddenly grabbed my tights and yanked them skyward in a most undignified manner).

There were some occasions, though, when my mother's adaptive skills were tested to the limits. Such was the case the Halloween of '75, when I insisted that I wanted to be a ballerina. You know, with one of those puffy, ballerina tutus. To the right is the result.

Note that while I look nothing like an actual ballerina, I am beaming because I just know I am beautiful. My mother did that for me, instilled a strong sense of self-worth, so that no matter what challenges my body threw at me as it grew, I never lost my smile.

Every little girl should be so lucky.
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