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Saturday, October 04, 2008

I don't know how we weren't aware of this before...

The Youth Dog Show was at ten a.m. this morning. What a wonderfully fun event! Plus it's nice and early, while the fairgrounds are still clean. And the kids and dogs were adorable. Finally, the judges from the Winston-Salem Dog Training Club were clearly enjoying themselves, which made the whole thing feel festive.

The oldest entered Pinochet (show name: Gabriel), one of our purebred Germalian Black & Tans, in the Best Costume: Dog Only class. He went as a picnic table, complete with ham sandwiches (on whole wheat, with lettuce and tomato) and sliced watermelon. Sadly in the photo above, the table has shifted ever so slightly, and you cannot appreciate the foam food goodness. In any event...

It's the oldest's new favorite Dixie Classic Fairism.

The Youth Dog Show

The Dixie Classic Fair
The Winston-Salem Dog Training Club, Inc.
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