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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Local Nostalgia

Recent News, Old Memories
A Guest Post by Neil Tolbert

I'll never forget making that right turn onto Third Street at 6:30 am over ten years ago, parking on the street and taking the short walk back up the hill to the corner of Third and Main. Crossing over Third and staring up at the iconic bronze plate on this massive building bearing that name: Wachovia Bank. Dressing the part and feeling like I could conquer the business world, my foot hitting the bottom step and pausing to take in the moment.

I was 21 years old that day, so that makes it more like fourteen years ago, but isn't it crazy how things have changed? Like many people in the Triad who took that first day on the job walk up those Wachovia steps… excited, proud, and with a sense of arriving to the business and banking world… I find it personally hard to swallow the upcoming change to our city's landscape.

I miss those breezy mornings. There is nothing colder around here than the wind between those buildings. There isn't anything quite like meeting friends on Fourth Street and taking the walk down to the old Dill Pickle for lunch. While we can't change the evolution of business, I sure am thankful for the good memories and that I can say I was there when.

When pressed Inquisition-style by yours truly, Neil Tolbert confessed he is, at best, an infrequent bowler, scoring in the mid 130s. He is, however, a self-professed "lover" of German sports cars and key lime pie. He is also the founder of
Triad Forum, a local discussion board. He and his wife live with their two boys in Clemmons.
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